OK- The Mainstream Media Has Convinced Me That The President Has NOT Accepted Extravagant Gifts.. Maybe We Can Sell Them to Pay Down the Debt? Also - As a Moderate I'm OK With the Obama's Taking a Book Worth $11.53.. After All Nixon Got to Keep "Checkers".... What's The Deal With Sarkozy... He Seems "Needy"..... Maybe He's Trying To Buy Friends?

Viewer Told Sharyn About Carlos Slim. Verified That Mainstream Media Dominates The News By Suppression. There is NO Freedom in the Press BUT The Press Has the Freedom to Ignore Stories That Matter to the Creation of a Civilized and Free Society

Rachida Dati is the French Mark Sanford EXCEPT She Has the Courage to Quit. Elizabeth Colbert Busch Ad Targeting Women Works. The Hill's Cameron Joseph Says Stephen's Sister Has 9 Point Lead. The Voice of a GOP Moderate STILL Endorses Jenny Sanford BUT Sees Elizabeth Colbert Busch as Positive Choice for Congress (Note: Sharyn Bovat Does NOT Live in South Carolina).

Reince Priebus Where's YOUR Earth Day Message to Republicans? Where's the DNC Message on Earth Day Too?

Could the Cleveland Browns Become America's New Team. If the Feds FREEZE the Haslam Assets- Then the Cleveland Browns Could Become Owned By the Taxpayers. It Seems Like a Good Deal. We'll Get GM to Sponsor... Win-Win):)

James Clapper, Stephen Preston and Michael Vickers I Think Tom Brokaw is Right on Drone Usage as Motivator for Future Jihad Attacks in America: Not All GOP Hawks Agree with Liz Cheney. Some of Us Want National Security Solutions Based on Respect for ALL People. The "Strike First Ask Questions Later" Days of Drone Attacks Must End.

God Bless Boston:Reliable Source Says Looks Like Work of Amateur Still It's Some Sort of Act of Terrorism: News Agencies NEED To STOP Implying That It Could Be Al Qaeda- Why are They Trying to "Stir the Pot" This is a Tragedy Sean Hannity PLEASE STOP!!!!

***UPDATE*** Drones at UT Football Games.Mainstream Media Giant Gannett Limiting Issue at Why? Maria De Varenne Did Gracia Martore Tell YOU to Be Silent?

Al Gore & Elizabeth Keadle Might Be Getting Married. Could He Get His Wedding Subsidized? Wedding Planner Says She'll Make it Carbon Free:):)

Print Your Own GOP Bookmark. Every-time you Mark Your Spot Remind Yourself to STOP Giving the President so Many Gimmes.

Bob Woodward - STOP Whining I Have LOTS More to Complain About in Reference to Al Gore Than YOU. Did YOU Get Jailed 3 Times on 'Trumped Up" Charges?