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OK- The Mainstream Media Has Convinced Me That The President Has NOT Accepted Extravagant Gifts.. Maybe We Can Sell Them to Pay Down the Debt? Also - As a Moderate I'm OK With the Obama's Taking a Book Worth $11.53.. After All Nixon Got to Keep "Checkers".... What's The Deal With Sarkozy... He Seems "Needy"..... Maybe He's Trying To Buy Friends?

The gifts were revealed Friday in the State Department’s list of items given to various federal agencies by foreign governments, including numerous gifts given to President Obama. The list contains gifts given in 2011. Though Obama doesn’t keep the vast majority of his gifts, theWhite House says he accepts them because “non-acceptance would cause embarrassment to donor and U.S. government.” Neither Obama nor members of Congress and their spouses are allowed to keep gifts from members of foreign governments that exceed a loosely defined “minimal value.”Items received are often handed over to the National Archives and Records Administration, which also manages presidential libraries. Several less exotic gifts included an iPod from Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and a gift box of the video game “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings” from Polish Prime Minister Donald Franciszek Tusk. DOCUMENT: President Obama’s foreign gifts The only gift Obama retained was a copy of the book “Ghengi…

Viewer Told Sharyn About Carlos Slim. Verified That Mainstream Media Dominates The News By Suppression. There is NO Freedom in the Press BUT The Press Has the Freedom to Ignore Stories That Matter to the Creation of a Civilized and Free Society

The mainstream media (especially Gannett) ignores stories about American drones killing babies/children in the Middle East. The fact is America is "Making Enemies" and America needs to be more responsible with drones.

The CEO of Gannett who makes 8 Million a year Gracia Martore is ALSO getting ***46 MILLION*** 'if' fired according to a March 2013 SEC report.  The mainstream media CEO is sleeping with the CEO whose a DOD contractor (it's OK it's her husband) still stories are NOT reported.  Babies are killed and Americans don't know about it.  Fraud happens and Americans don't know about it.  Libya was blamed 100% for the Lockerbie bombing & "most likely" IRAN also was involved & Americans don't know about it.   

Sharyn Bovat (me) has been abused in Tennessee for almost 4 years and Gannett ignores it.  WHY?   Most likely the answer is so some greedy people can "make a quick buck" and the as usual average Americans are gon…

Rachida Dati is the French Mark Sanford EXCEPT She Has the Courage to Quit. Elizabeth Colbert Busch Ad Targeting Women Works. The Hill's Cameron Joseph Says Stephen's Sister Has 9 Point Lead. The Voice of a GOP Moderate STILL Endorses Jenny Sanford BUT Sees Elizabeth Colbert Busch as Positive Choice for Congress (Note: Sharyn Bovat Does NOT Live in South Carolina).

The candidate accused of having 8 lovers when her illegitimate child was conceived is so "French" and as twisted as the country is politically I do enjoy the people of France just NOT the politicians.

Below from the Times of Oman: link provided

Paris: Former French justice minister Rachida Dati said Tuesday she was pulling out of the competition to be the right-wing candidate for next year's Paris mayoral vote....

......She said her rival Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Sarkozy's former spokeswoman, already had the primary vote sown up.  "She has already been chosen by the media and the system, that is the reality,".....

Dati, 47, is currently embroiled in a legal battle to have French tycoon Dominique Desseigne accept paternity for her daughter that has seen his lawyers accuse her of having eight lovers at the time of conception

Link  to The Hill article.... by Cameron Joseph…

Reince Priebus Where's YOUR Earth Day Message to Republicans? Where's the DNC Message on Earth Day Too?

Thank you Levi Strauss & Co

Could the Cleveland Browns Become America's New Team. If the Feds FREEZE the Haslam Assets- Then the Cleveland Browns Could Become Owned By the Taxpayers. It Seems Like a Good Deal. We'll Get GM to Sponsor... Win-Win):)

James Clapper, Stephen Preston and Michael Vickers I Think Tom Brokaw is Right on Drone Usage as Motivator for Future Jihad Attacks in America: Not All GOP Hawks Agree with Liz Cheney. Some of Us Want National Security Solutions Based on Respect for ALL People. The "Strike First Ask Questions Later" Days of Drone Attacks Must End.

Everyday somewhere in the Middle East is another Day at the Boston Marathon.... Sometimes America responsible.  That will never be written about in the mainstream media.   I was told in the late 80's "America never apologizes that's what foreign aid is for"
I found this on the internet.... it's well known "outside" of America that American drones have killed children. Some of the parents of these children have vowed revenge on those that killed their babies. That means that America has to be on alert.
The question is do we CONTINUE a drone program that kills civillians?  How much foregin aid are we as a nation going to have to pay in the future?  Is the foreign aid used for weapons?  Are those weapons used "against" America?  

Maybe a victim in Boston can be in the inspiration for new legislation about drone use?

Still i know Drones serve a purpose and they save the lives out our troops.  There MUST be a balance.  
International Herald Tribune &…

God Bless Boston:Reliable Source Says Looks Like Work of Amateur Still It's Some Sort of Act of Terrorism: News Agencies NEED To STOP Implying That It Could Be Al Qaeda- Why are They Trying to "Stir the Pot" This is a Tragedy Sean Hannity PLEASE STOP!!!!

***UPDATE*** Drones at UT Football Games.Mainstream Media Giant Gannett Limiting Issue at Why? Maria De Varenne Did Gracia Martore Tell YOU to Be Silent?

"....Republican Rep. Vince Dean of East Ridge added the late change to the bill ensure that police would be able to use drones for events like the.... University of Tennessee football games or NASCAR races ..."

The Tennessean has NOT reported  the story of DRONES in Tennessee.  
The people that own the Tennessean are not reporting stories that matter to society.  Gannett CEO Gracia Martore is in Bed with DOD Contractor.  She's getting 46 Million dollars "if" fired.  It's on an SEC report.

Clarification #1   - It's OK that Gracia Martore is "in bed" with DOD contractor.  It's her husband.

Clarification #2 I did some digging and found an article.   The topic STILL does not get attention it deserves but at least they reported something. Odd that article does NOT float to the top when googling.  Why?

Is It Fair that Gracia Martore Will Get 46 Million if She Does a Crappy larrypagegoo…

Al Gore & Elizabeth Keadle Might Be Getting Married. Could He Get His Wedding Subsidized? Wedding Planner Says She'll Make it Carbon Free:):)

Could it be true?   As usual I've got a "plan".....

Print Your Own GOP Bookmark. Every-time you Mark Your Spot Remind Yourself to STOP Giving the President so Many Gimmes.

Bob Woodward - STOP Whining I Have LOTS More to Complain About in Reference to Al Gore Than YOU. Did YOU Get Jailed 3 Times on 'Trumped Up" Charges?

Al Gore... The Altitude in Nashville is "normal" So What's YOUR Excuse? America is About Freedom and NOBODY should have to date a man (even Al Gore) simply to avoid being bullied in the judicial system. ...

Click Here

Woodward: Al Gore was “unpleasant” to meSeattle Post Intelligencer (blog)-3 hours ago Bob Woodward has taken to regaling audiences that Al Gore is a lousy dinner companion. It was “taxing” and “to be really honest, it was ...

Bob Woodward: Sitting with Al Gore at dinner 'unpleasant'Daily Caller-Apr 5, 2013 FILE - In this Monday, Jan. 15, 2007 file photo, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore speaks in front of a poster for his documentary film on global ...
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