Donald Trump Gets HUUUUGE (Huge) Win as Best Inspiration for Peep Shows


Bernie Sanders is Reminding Dems that Henry Kissinger is a Republican

iWas a Litlle Depressed About Presidential Primaries UNTIL Wiki-Leaks Leaked 30K + of Hillary Clinton's Emails... Now I'm SMILING:):)

State Department Technology Officer Jack Hinman Told Me "If" Hillary Clinton Gets Indicted She'll Bring Down a LOT of Republicans: The Guy Doesn't Get That Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are Doing so Well Cause Ppl HATE the Corruption Caused By the Moderate Middle.

Meet the Press Math

Reince Priebus, Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie & Anyone That Will Listen: As a Mother of a Teen "This" is a BIG Problem for the GOP .... Can Carly Florin Play a MORE Prominent Role Cause She's a Better Role Model for the Next Generation.

Henry Barbour the SS Rubio is Sinking FASTER Than the Titanic .... Guess He's YOUR Last Lifeboat?

A Sad Day for AC DC Loving Political Moderates in Washington DC.... Why Could it NOT Have Been Donald Trump's Hearing :(:(

Ted Cruz Announce WINNER of CPAC & the Next Generation of YR's are AWESOME :):)