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James Comey Can Ya'll at the FBI Work on the Thanksgiving Turkey Conspiracy it's STILL not Resolved... Neither is the Conspiracy About the Lockerbie Bombing or TWA Flight 800. Lets Interregate Frank Duggan, Buck Revell, Sir John Orr, Richard Marquise, Brian Murtagh

James Comey iGot to Talk to a Guy with the Buccaneers on Saturday - We Spoke About Football Players Being Role Models....Strange Timing:):)

Begin forwarded message:
From: Sharyn Bovat <> Subject: this is great timing.... Date: November 17, 2014 at 10:12:02 AM EST To

when i was walking to my car saturday night this Buc staffer smoking a cigar talked to me… i had spent time with a DEA person and knew about issues….the timing is odd….still i can put together a good article. ********************** This story is gonna be BIG…..   the NFL stuff is a big issue with moderates..  your right i need to get video..
What i talked to the Buc guy about was the players are supposed to be ROLE MODELS… i think thats how to cover that story..
Damn you for exposing me ************ 

In DC it's Just Say Yes (to pot) & in NYC it's Grimm & Bear It....

With Pot becoming Legal in DC maybe members of congress will want to come back & work? 

DC voters overwhelmingly support legalizing marijuana, joining ...
DC, Oregon, and Alaska Just Voted to Legalize Marijuana
Featured-Mother Jones-4 hours ago D.C. Is About to Legalize Pot. Can It Keep the Cannabis Industry Out?
Opinion-Slate Magazine-13 hours ago

Karl Rove & Reince Priebus it Looks Like Al Gore is Gonna Lose ANOTHER Election. That Former VP Needs to Think Out of the Box if He Wants to Save the Planet... NOT Depend on the Same Ole Tax & Spend Dems. I Wonder if He and Elizabeth Keadle are Considering Me for the Wedding Planner Job?

Notable & QuotableWall Street Journal-Nov 2, 2014 This election might determine whether the “climate crisis” is solved, former Vice President Al Gore claims. The former politician makes the ...

"It's time the Democrats worked with the GOP on climate change in a pragmatic way... too much green fraud in the 2010 stimulus" me