James Comey Can Ya'll at the FBI Work on the Thanksgiving Turkey Conspiracy it's STILL not Resolved... Neither is the Conspiracy About the Lockerbie Bombing or TWA Flight 800. Lets Interregate Frank Duggan, Buck Revell, Sir John Orr, Richard Marquise, Brian Murtagh

James Comey iGot to Talk to a Guy with the Buccaneers on Saturday - We Spoke About Football Players Being Role Models....Strange Timing:):)

In DC it's Just Say Yes (to pot) & in NYC it's Grimm & Bear It....

Karl Rove & Reince Priebus it Looks Like Al Gore is Gonna Lose ANOTHER Election. That Former VP Needs to Think Out of the Box if He Wants to Save the Planet... NOT Depend on the Same Ole Tax & Spend Dems. I Wonder if He and Elizabeth Keadle are Considering Me for the Wedding Planner Job?