DOD Whistleblower Says "One Reason" Some at the CIA are Scared of What She Knows is She Knew Operation Cyclone Pilots & People Part of the Lockerbie Bombing Cover-up ALL Linked to Carlos Ghosn the NISSAN CEO ... Also She Can Prove the NISSAN & Renault CEO Committed EV Fraud to Help Those Who Profit From the Oil Industry. Heck COP21 if the EV Succeeded NOBODY Would Need Oil? The Leaf Was Built with Outdated Tech and Was Meant to FAIL So the American Congress Wouldn't Fund EV Infrastructure Again.

DOD Whistleblower Asks the Intelligence Community (James Clapper, James Comey FBI, John Brennan CIA & Others) to Let Her Use Her Last Year as a Whistleblower to Help Change the System: Also I'd Like Help From a Graphic Designer to Make a Better Website:):)

James Comey iHope the FBI is Aware Hillary Clinton's "Family Foundation" Mid East & Russian Donors Helped FUND ISIS.... Look at the Timing of the Paris Attack: Meant to Stop COP21 Dialogue