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DOD Whistleblower Says "One Reason" Some at the CIA are Scared of What She Knows is She Knew Operation Cyclone Pilots & People Part of the Lockerbie Bombing Cover-up ALL Linked to Carlos Ghosn the NISSAN CEO ... Also She Can Prove the NISSAN & Renault CEO Committed EV Fraud to Help Those Who Profit From the Oil Industry. Heck COP21 if the EV Succeeded NOBODY Would Need Oil? The Leaf Was Built with Outdated Tech and Was Meant to FAIL So the American Congress Wouldn't Fund EV Infrastructure Again.

I published "this" in May 2014

The Operation Cyclone Pilots I knew are DEAD.... except 1 & he's "really connected"..... if you know what I mean & I know to NOT say anything about him cause I don't want to get killed. 

DOD Whistleblower Asks the Intelligence Community (James Clapper, James Comey FBI, John Brennan CIA & Others) to Let Her Use Her Last Year as a Whistleblower to Help Change the System: Also I'd Like Help From a Graphic Designer to Make a Better Website:):)

"Analysts at U.S. Central Command were pressured to ease off negative assessments about the Islamic State threat and were even told in an email to “cut it out,” Fox News has learned – as an investigation expands into whether intelligence reports were altered to present a more positive picture...." Fox News Article (link here)

NOTE to the Intelligence Community: I knew about ISIS being a threat BEFORE the President (see tweets below & I've got emails that give more data & show that YES people reached out to me & i tried my best to communicate the problems/threat. FYI: I won't post on a blog because the people that got the emails did NOTHING or their hands were tied. 
 In the fall of 2013 a Centcom "guy" told me of issues & I sent emails BEFORE ISIS declared the Caliphate. I'm scared & tired. Several years ago I was told by two FBI guys the President OK'd me to be the DOD Whistleblower & for many years I've done my best .... …

James Comey iHope the FBI is Aware Hillary Clinton's "Family Foundation" Mid East & Russian Donors Helped FUND ISIS.... Look at the Timing of the Paris Attack: Meant to Stop COP21 Dialogue

Evidently Tony Blair bullied people into supporting him.... just like Hillary Clinton:  Call me I've got  proof 615-944-7599
UPDATEThom Yorke: Tony Blair advisers tried to force me to meet the PMThe Guardian-7 hours ago Thom Yorke has claimed that advisers to former prime minister Tony Blair tried to force him to meet Blair in 2003. The Radiohead singer's ...

If anyone associated with the Clinton Foundation i ask that you call me 615-944-7599 & speak to me DIRECTLY: I do NOT want anymore Clinton Logistic people that used to be political appointees that had access to the Prism program to contact me via using my location device on my iPhone. I found "that" an invasion" of privacy & did document it with the FBI. 

Washington (CNN)Americans trust Hillary Clinton to handle the threat of terrorism more than any of the leading Republican candidates for president in the wake of the Paris attacks, according to a new poll.…