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When Reading This Letter About the Cobra Plan I'm On I Realized Obama Can Win

The GOP is NOT addressing the problems with healthcare.

I'm having to move away from My child to find a job- my friend Silverman is helping me find a place to live. The positive is I'm out of TN.  At least in DC I can push for criminal investigations on WHO the whistleblower was abused.

My assets are in a home in Florida which went from 176k in 2001 to 425k down to 200k back up to 275K - most of my Money is in a 401k and an 70k in an emergency fund - sound like a nice cushion but keep reading.

COBRA health care cost $2081 per month (that's just the monthly cost for insurance... I have a 3k deductible + 1500 for prescriptions. My ADD medication is $160 a month and my anxiety medication & sleeping pills are on top of that.

Between the Mortgage on 2 homes the medical and having a child that figure skates I'm lucky I can afford a cup of coffee at Starbucks everyday.

I can't get a divorce because Nissan made me unemployable and then the Obama donor that my…

For the 1st TIme Bovat Attempts Comedy as a Republican: Thanks to Joe Biden, Steven Chu, Rahm Emanuel & Jay Carney for the Inspiration

I ONLY started to do comedy so I could tell the story of DOE fraud discrimination, wasteful spending of taxpayer money and about the Good Ole Boys that were destroying my life.
It's good to laugh when your going through HELL.  America is going through it's own hell because of Crony Capitalism & companies like Solyndra, NISSAN, Fisker ....  
Steven Chu successfully created cars that American women won't buy.  The Nissan Leaf = to a Limp Penis & the Volt with Viagra is a Government funded good time (at least it AMERICAN).  Oh yeah and NOW President Obama says he has a "plan" to fix the economy. Why the heck didn't he think of "that" 4 years ago?  It's gonna be fun.  The Biden stuff is actually funny, how could it not be :):)


Reince Priebus YOU have some smart people there.......

GOP Insider Might Have Solved Problem by  Making Moderates a Member of Coalition
"Moderate Republicans"

Yes - I'm going to Tampa. The GOP convention still follows me on twitter.

The issue of Crony Capitalism and the bad management of America is HOW Mitt Romney Will be #45.

Please keep the dialogue on a PLAN to fix America. It seems like too many people don't understand what Romney will do to change the economy. They heard the negative ads and need a solution. Something simple not 50+ points. Hey- a viewer told me to be candid.

GOP Elite can I please get a hotel assignment "close" to the convention -

In Houston I had to get interns to drive my rental car so I could safely party hop. It was very complicated.

Hampton Inn works for me ...Thanks:):)

Mitt Romney Your Website Looks Like the Shopping Channel

I want a World Leader NOT a discounted Tee Shirt:

YOU should send EVERY small business owner that sends you a YouTube link to a message on WHY they want YOU in the White House a Free Tee Shirt.

OMG! Are people from Eddie Bauer running your campaign?

Seriously Obama's website on the front page has a link to his plan for the economy.
Heck I didn't think he had one.....

It's Best to Talk About the Serious Stuff While the Eyes of the Nation are On the Olympics

The point of this blog is to start a dialogue between the GOP Establishment, the Tea Party, and the Moderates. The goal is for the people "in the middle" that will decide the election to have a voice at the table. The next election is the most important one on my generation.

The Economy is a House of Cards:  Can We Trust the Government to Become Our Provider?
America is at a "Fork in the Road" (I would say Crossroad but someone else is already using that term: Damn Texan).

In November we will decide as a country if were going to have our economy driven by government programs and if we want the government to decide on what kind of car we drive, what kind of job we can get, what food we eat, what moral we will live by. That scares me. 
Years ago I traveled to the USSR and was a foot soldier in the battle to end communism. The Russian people at that time "lived in lines" - everyone ate the same bread - each person was given 125-175 square feet of living space…

Looking at VP Merchandise

Someone has a better "gift shop"

Have a great weekend!

The Liberal EV Blog Just Banned Bovat For Life- She Was a Member of Nissan Leaf Forum For ONLY a Few Hours

To Win Over the Moderate Romney Needs Respect the Girl-GIrl Demographic: HE Does NOT Need to Endorse Homosexuality He Just Needs to Show He Respects ALL People. At the Same Time He Needs to Preach to the Evangelical Choir. That's Gonna Be Fun to Watch. A Guy in Colorado Was Upset When Romney Got Rid of His Short Lived National Security Spokesman.

In Tennessee Most People think Oprah is Gay and Hillary Clinton is Gay so I've Decided to be Gay Just Like Them.  
I Think the Republican Party Needs to Be MORE RESPECTFUL to Gays I've Decided to Become the 1st Openly Gay "Friendly" Center-Right Blogger  
People Assume I'm Gay Because I Admitted to Learning About DOE Fraud from Catherine Perez whom I went to dinners and parties.  She  was the most powerful woman at NISSAN.
Fine:  This WHOLE Thing is Getting Weird.  Let's just make it WEIRDER.  
YES!!! I Admit I Kissed a Woman....A LONG TIme Ago....  & So Have a LOT of Women.  
It seems like intelligent women like Oprah and Hillary tend to Be "thought" of As Gay? 

Why is that?   OMG!! I know the answer... It's  MEN ( They Can't Handle Intelligent Women... PRICKS)If Mitt Romney Wants to WIn the Swing States his staff & the GOP need to "lighten" up.


Why did the Williamson County DA and the State of Tennessee Maliciously Prosecute the Whistleblower?

Copy of the "just filed" lawsuit it's entirety is below: It should be public record?

The Plaintiff avers that Defendant, Nissan the aid and counsel of the taxpayers’ funded District Attorney General’s Office and the former District Attorney General himself,san, had Mr. Joseph D. Baugh, to advise it, consult with, and prosecute the Plaintiff on the illegal charge of violating Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-315(b)(1).

Sharyn Bovat The NISSAN Whistleblower Was Told Leaf Was To Be An "Image Car"and Not Intended To Be Mass Marketed. Then WHY Did NISSAN Take OVER 1 Billion Dollars Of DOE Taxpayer Money To Build A Battery Plant To MASS Produce Batteries. NISSAN Told Congress That 1300 Jobs Would Be Created. 
Sharyn learned NISSAN had a "cash flow" problem and was doing something desperate in the winter of 2009.

It’s Estimated That Only 60-70 Jobs to Be Created: That Mean…