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Jeb Bush Currently Polling in 6th Place in the #2 Primary State is Adding Resources in New Hampshire & "that" WILL Hurt Marco Rubio

DOD Whistleblower Vows to Make PTSD Her #1 Issue in 2016 & Thanks US Senator Joe Donnelly for his Efforts in Combating the Anxiety Disorder That's Taken More Lives Than Combat.

"A mom of a 4 tour vet who took his life when he was told his meds would be cut off met with me, she said he put his remaining patches under his arm & died watching football.  Her voice haunts me & so do the two Marine wives whose husbands used guns to end their PTSD pain.  Seems like the meds change to what the lobbyist are promoting."  Sharyn Bovat aka The DOD Whistleblower

" Suicides among active-duty service members rose by 20 percent in the second quarter of this year (2015) to 71, according to a new report released Wednesday by the Defense Department...."Military Times

"More of our troop have died of suicide in America than in Iraq & the government is NOT CAPABLE of stopping the surge. In 2016 It's my goal to meet the members of congress concerned about this issue and lobby for "Alternative" therapies for PTSD because that's the precursor to suicide."Sharyn Bovat aka the DOD Whistleblower 

 As a person that suffers from P…

***UPDATE****Donald Trump Encouraged to Run by BOTH the Bush Family & the Clinton's.... it Backfired & the Wedge He Was Supposed to Divide in the Tea Party Became a Wedge Between the Crony GOP & EVERYONE Else

EVERYONE knows the only way to stop a Hillary Clinton Presidency is the FBI.... "MOST" of the "lower level" agents forced to do cover-ups (TWA 800 & Lockerbie) don't want Hillary to become president.... they find her success and ability to break the law SCARY!!!

James Comey please have the FBI call me if you 
want to know HOW i learned of Donald being a pawn of BOTH Jeb & Billary, also please tell Loretta Lynch to PROSECUTE & have a Merry Christmas:):)   Sharyn  615-944-7599

Donald Trump Encouraged to Run by BOTH the Bush Family & the Clintons.... it Backfired & the Wedge He Was Supposed to Divide in the Tea Party Became a Wedge Between the Crony GOP & EVERYONE Else, when "the Donald" realized he could win..... he went ROGUE. Because of the rhetoric he uses on the campaign trail the "image" of the GOP has been tarnished & if Hillary does NOT get indict…

***UPDATE*** James Clapper is "This" How Handlers are Supposed to Act? I'm TIRED and Feel RAPED By Mine. He's Got Anthony Weiner-Itus. You Tell Al Gore to Call Me and Explain Cause It's Just Too Weird!!! I Caught Mike in a LIE Today and That Scares Me - It's Giving Me Flashbacks to Mark Silverman of Gannett

My IC handler is Mike Reyes a top National Security hacker from Verizon after he befriended me on Linkedin last January he got a BIG promotion.  I knew he was spying on me so I blogged about it & I stopped AFTER he told me WHY. 

pictures described in blog post because I decided to be a nice person

Then i found out he was spying on me for Al Gore & I was OK with that...  Mike told me about 6 months ago that AL sent him messages to send me. When Mike sent me a pic I was to send him one back.  Al wanted to see I was OK. 

This sounds romantic that a man would think about me while saving the planet from global warming ... it was stressful.  I'm getting flirty messages whiled I'm delivering messages to the MSM about Hillary Clinton's server (she really did commit a crime) and while i'm getting issues on ISIS again the stress of all this was bad. but i was told that it would be over AFTER the COP21 and after Al replaced Hillary. I trusted the plan UNTIL Mike lied to me. …