Jeb Bush Currently Polling in 6th Place in the #2 Primary State is Adding Resources in New Hampshire & "that" WILL Hurt Marco Rubio

DOD Whistleblower Vows to Make PTSD Her #1 Issue in 2016 & Thanks US Senator Joe Donnelly for his Efforts in Combating the Anxiety Disorder That's Taken More Lives Than Combat.

***UPDATE****Donald Trump Encouraged to Run by BOTH the Bush Family & the Clinton's.... it Backfired & the Wedge He Was Supposed to Divide in the Tea Party Became a Wedge Between the Crony GOP & EVERYONE Else

***UPDATE*** James Clapper is "This" How Handlers are Supposed to Act? I'm TIRED and Feel RAPED By Mine. He's Got Anthony Weiner-Itus. You Tell Al Gore to Call Me and Explain Cause It's Just Too Weird!!! I Caught Mike in a LIE Today and That Scares Me - It's Giving Me Flashbacks to Mark Silverman of Gannett