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***UPDATE****Donald Trump Encouraged to Run by BOTH the Bush Family & the Clinton's.... it Backfired & the Wedge He Was Supposed to Divide in the Tea Party Became a Wedge Between the Crony GOP & EVERYONE Else

EVERYONE knows the only way to stop a Hillary Clinton Presidency is the FBI....
"MOST" of the "lower level" agents forced to do cover-ups (TWA 800 & Lockerbie) don't want Hillary to become president.... they find her success and ability to break the law SCARY!!!

James Comey please have the FBI call me if you 
want to know HOW i learned of Donald being a pawn of BOTH Jeb & Billary, also please tell Loretta Lynch to PROSECUTE & have a Merry Christmas:):)   Sharyn  615-944-7599

Donald Trump Encouraged to Run by BOTH the Bush Family & the Clintons.... it Backfired & the Wedge He Was Supposed to Divide in the Tea Party Became a Wedge Between the Crony GOP & EVERYONE Else, when "the Donald" realized he could win..... he went ROGUE. Because of the rhetoric he uses on the campaign trail the "image" of the GOP has been tarnished & if Hillary does NOT get indicted then America's BIGGEST Losers are the American People!!!!  

The above statement as a LOT of smoke... it's time to put out the FIRE.  
All of America is sick of the Clinton's and the Bush's. America is NOT safer with Hillary Clinton she was the Secretary of State when ALL the ISIS drama started bubbling. People that funded ISIS funded both the Clinton and Tony Blair Foundation. 

Report: Bill Clinton May Have Encouraged Donald Trump to ...

Vanity Fair
Aug 5, 2015 - What if the Clintons were playing chess … against themselves?

"I call him Sugar Bear!" said Andrew Korge from his car in Miami. Korge himself is the son of political royalty-his father, Chris Korge, one of Florida's top Democratic rainmakers and close to Hillary Clinton, was a Jeb Bush, Sr. business partner in the infamous InnoVida deal. The sons, too, have been business partners, in a venture focused on making South Florida a tropical Silicon Valley. "We love innovation," said Korge. "It is kind of a passion."
Their company, a "bipartisan business consulting firm," that, "responds dynamically to each client's pressing needs," was, Korge says, ahead of its time when it came to South Florida's readiness to embrace the tech revolution. "We were looking at putting together a fund for early stage companies. The timing wasn't right in the end. We didn't think the market was ready.


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