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Anita Moncrief, Ali Akbar, Robert Stacy McCain, Tabitha Hale & Bill Murphy (Mitt Romney) Your NOT the Only People I Rant About

Michael Vickers Thirst for the CIA Job Along With James Clapper's Help Might Have Been the Reason WHY Petraeus Fell So Hard in the Paula Broadwell Scandal.... 

The people protecting President Obama's outrageous spending are connected to the CIA & it's most likely do to them that the Paula Broadwell story became so BIG...  Clapper-Vickers and Preston wanted POWER

Somedays I question WHY I'm a republican upon reflection it's the Fiscal and National Security issues that make me lean "R" 
That and living in Tennessee I suffer Stockholm syndrome:):) lets admit this picture is a bit creepy.  Someone tell Mark Silverman I want a different photographer:):)
It figures those people connected to drug profiteers in the CIA like to accuse people of "email stalking"... 
Below you'll see that Judicial Watch has done a great job getting info on Michael Vickers role in leaking classified information; What's…

A Political Moderate Says Good Things About Bob Dornan & Google - Stephen Preston CIA or Michael Vickers CIA - See Me.... Guess the Good Ole Boys Are Exposed?

B1 Bob Congressman from Orange County:
Right on Fiscal - National Security.
Wrong on Social Issues  
Bob Dornan - Wikipedia, the free He was such an unswerving advocate for the development of the B-1 bomber, that he was soon nicknamed "B-1 Bob." After the 1980 census, California's ...
Biography - Politics - Controversial statements - Defeat Gotta Love Bob Dornan- He Spoke From His Heart and in Some Cases He was Spot On. The Syrian Government also runs drugs out of the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, which is the issue I want to address today.

Here's an old joke that I updated:

?  During the "W" Administration what did you call a corrupt ex CIA operative?

Answer:  An outside consultant

?  What do you call a corrupt ex CIA operative in the Obama administration?

Answer:   Part of the administration.

Giving Mr. Panetta an excuse for his promotions.  Maybe he did NOT know who was who?

Good News the Google has shown me people are listening..…

Yes - President Obama Hunts WItches. His Administration Learned I'm NOT a Witch.... Just A Bitch.

Thank You Judicial Watch for Issuing CIA FIOA Request.

YOU are an Asset to Society!!!! Search Results Bin Laden film leak was referred to Justice; leaker top Obama officialMcClatchy Washington Bureau-Dec 17, 2012 "Mike Vickers is an outstanding defense and intelligence ... The transcript was released to Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog ... Senate leaders Feinstein and McCain condemn 'Zero Dark Thirty'Los Angeles Times-Dec 19, 2012 Disclosures of Zero Dark Thirty Leaks Spur Criminal ReferralRight Side News-Dec 20, 2012
Judicial A watchdog over our government, legal, and judicial systems, the site posts a summary of the court cases they are pursuing along with related news stories.Ten Most Wanted Corrupt - Contact - About Judicial Watch - Make a Contribution

Lamar Alexander Tied to Mafia.... Sharyn Bovat Was Asked to Spend a Day With Him in 1992 in Sacramento When He Was a Surrogate Speaker for President Bush. George H. Bush did NOT Want Lamar's "Type" Hurting His Reputation. The ENTIRE GOP in Tennessee Fears Lamar Alexander. He's Considered the Boss.... Sharyn Bovat Thinks He's NOTHING Special Just a Guy in an UGLY Shirt.

If the GOP does not have the courage to put up a decent Republican up against Lamar Alexander then I'm going to volunteer to do opposition research for Ashly Judd.  

Maybe she'd like help from a woman who got her op research education from Karl Rove operatives?  

Lamar Alexander YOUR a Bully and MOST of the Grassroots Republicans Don't Like YOU:They tell me their #1 goal is to "get rid of you" and if your the nominee they'll "sit out" the election.   Kindof like what some did in November...... Remember Romeny?

Time to RETIRE Lamar.   I'm cranky & people connected to the late Marvin Runyon told me your corrupt & I can prove it. 

It's time the taxpayers got RESPECT.

Happy Holidays!!

Sharyn Bovat

Rogue Blogger Update…

AEI Article By Mackenzie Eaglan Reminded Me That at the RNC Convention a Lobbyist Told Me HOW Much President Obama Was Spending On Hybrid Tanks.... It Would Save America Money in 8-10 Years... But IF We 'Pull OUT" of Afghanistan Are We Saving Money... OR is That Money Now Wasted.... Can Someone Investigate?

More green energy initiatives for the military. One rare area of increased defense investment during the first Obama term was in green energy projects for the Department of Defense. Most notably, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has presided over the growth of a "great green fleet" designed to boost fuel efficiency, even though a 2011 Department of Defense report found that the Navy could spend an extra $2.2 billion per year if it buys all the biofuels it has pledged to burn. Investments like these are not cheap, but they will continue.

Read More:

Literally charges and Hybrid tanks that must be BILLIONS If were not deployed in the Middle East Why did he order them and put it on the "tab"   something smells fishy?  

Maybe I'm confused still someone should research.  Thanks.

Saft Gets Greenlight For Army Hybrid Tank Battery System - Gas › Hybr…