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Anita Moncrief, Ali Akbar, Robert Stacy McCain, Tabitha Hale & Bill Murphy (Mitt Romney) Your NOT the Only People I Rant About

A Political Moderate Says Good Things About Bob Dornan & Google - Stephen Preston CIA or Michael Vickers CIA - See Me.... Guess the Good Ole Boys Are Exposed?

Yes - President Obama Hunts WItches. His Administration Learned I'm NOT a Witch.... Just A Bitch.

Lamar Alexander Tied to Mafia.... Sharyn Bovat Was Asked to Spend a Day With Him in 1992 in Sacramento When He Was a Surrogate Speaker for President Bush. George H. Bush did NOT Want Lamar's "Type" Hurting His Reputation. The ENTIRE GOP in Tennessee Fears Lamar Alexander. He's Considered the Boss.... Sharyn Bovat Thinks He's NOTHING Special Just a Guy in an UGLY Shirt.

AEI Article By Mackenzie Eaglan Reminded Me That at the RNC Convention a Lobbyist Told Me HOW Much President Obama Was Spending On Hybrid Tanks.... It Would Save America Money in 8-10 Years... But IF We 'Pull OUT" of Afghanistan Are We Saving Money... OR is That Money Now Wasted.... Can Someone Investigate?