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Anita Moncrief, Ali Akbar, Robert Stacy McCain, Tabitha Hale & Bill Murphy (Mitt Romney) Your NOT the Only People I Rant About

Michael Vickers Thirst for the CIA Job Along With James Clapper's Help Might Have Been the Reason WHY Petraeus Fell So Hard in the Paula Broadwell Scandal.... 

The people protecting President Obama's outrageous spending are connected to the CIA & it's most likely do to them that the Paula Broadwell story became so BIG...  Clapper-Vickers and Preston wanted POWER

Somedays I question WHY I'm a republican upon reflection it's the Fiscal and National Security issues that make me lean "R" 

That and living in Tennessee I suffer Stockholm syndrome:):)
lets admit this picture is a bit creepy. 
Someone tell Mark Silverman I want a different photographer:):)

It figures those people connected to drug profiteers in the CIA like to accuse people of "email stalking"... 

Below you'll see that Judicial Watch has done a great job getting info on Michael Vickers role in leaking classified information; What's horrible is that President Obama was going to make this guy the CIA Chief.  

Last month I was told it might have been that Clapper that made a big stink about the Paula Broadwell stuff to help out Vickers.  

Stephen Preston who wants to be the top lawyer at the DOD was the acting General Council in 1993-1995 the same time Clapper was in charge of the DIA.  This is the Aldrich Ames era... I won't go into the Freddie Woodruff stuff again. 

Senator Feinstein YOU Have a Lot to Investigate:  Also the Ambassador Stevens issue.
I believe he might have known that Libya was NOT responsible for Lockerbie and ex CIA orchestrated his death.... That is most likely why they "held off" on sending help to save him.

The people connected to CIA drug profiteers are ruthless liars....I was told if you were not a good liar you would never succeed in the intelligence industry.   

I'm a horrible liar.....& I hate liers they are what's wrong with the CIA and it's why so many in the Middle East hate America.

All I want is the truth exposed and for those people to "retire"  that is why i blog the truth as I believe it to be and what's needed are investigations.....

I'm POSITIVE the NISSAN CEO is connected to those involved with CIA drug trafficking.  PLEASE make him testify under oath.

".....Mueller chose to refer the matter to Petraeus’s titular superior, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper. The justification was that Petraeus was the head of an organization where such personal entanglements are considered a threat to security by making an agent a target for blackmail. No Bond girls for our spies. Mark it as an added twist that Skyfall opened in the midst of all this.......The CIA double-no code aside, nobody could possibly believe that Petraeus would allow himself to be blackmailed into betraying the nation over an affair. But the principle of the boss adhering to the rules remained. And Clapper is said to have urged Petraeus to resign on his own terms rather than await the jackals......Petraeus dutifully went to the White House to tender his resignation. Never mind that the Oval Office has witnessed much philandering over the decades with nobody having to resign.

Gannett The mainstream media is highlighting Vickers- it's weird.    

USA TODAY-Dec 17, 2012
David Petraeus as CIA director upended the nation's defense establishment, knocking one of the most... At the Pentagon, Mike Vickers, No.

When you google the CIA's top lawyer my picture is in images.

Last month I was told to go to a National Security conference and at the panel representing the CIA was a man that looked like my lawyer with the same last name.   Then my lawyer said it was his brother... I never blogged about my lawyer until I found out he deceived me.

then he said he was not his brother so I asked him to sign an affidavit saying he was NOT a relative and he won't do it.  It's bizarre.  

It looks like President Obama is using the CIA to protect him and his agenda.  I'm working on getting facts.  What terrifies me is Andrew Breitbart might have been close to putting together the biggest scandal of the century.   Recently someone offered to give me some info about corruption in Tennessee about a company that sells equipment - then refunds the customer but still gets the money from the bank. I told them I could not investigate and urged them to go to the DOJ...  Odds are they won't do anything. I think I'm dealing with enough as it is.   

FYI- My uncle was Chief Pilot for Pan Am he was respected by the Reagan's he led the Airport commission for both Reagan and Bush. All I did was low level research for people connected to the White House.   Due to my access to high level people I've freaked out those that today have "ripped America off"....  

In December 1993 I had to leave California and all my friends.  I was told there would be "witch hunts" and I was in danger.  NOW I know what a witch hunt is.  Never could I have imagined being jailed 3 times.... on trumped up charges and the courts just play along.  In a way I feel like the Obama administration raped me.  I'm trying to document everything in an articulate way.  

People think that the GOP is responsible for all the Geo Political problems.  The fact is it's a bi-partisan effort.  The CIA has a bad image... sadly they deserve it.   

The true heroes of the CIA deserve to have the bad eggs GONE... it's the only way they can get RESPECT!!!!

Thank You Judicial Watch for Issuing CIA FIOA Request.

YOU are an Asset to Society!!!!


  1. Judicial Watch
    A watchdog over our government, legal, and judicial systems, the site posts a summary of the court cases they are pursuing along with related news stories.
    Ten Most Wanted Corrupt
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