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DOD Whistleblower Leaks Email From Congressman Don Beyer's Chief of Staff Telling Her They Won't Help Her with CIA Issue. Caroline Krass SOMEDAY iHope to Get Help.... I'm Gonna Try Senator Kaine Next, I Hear He Has LOTS of Spare Time... He's Kindof an Embarrassment to the Clinton Campaign Right NOW:(:(

I would like to say the people in the office of Don Beyer were VERY kind and a friend of Al Gore's told me he was a "smart man".... I had hoped he'd help me.  I get Cobra from my divorce BUT when that expires i need affordable health insurance & Obamacare does not work for ppl like me who make about 60k a year.  I'm over 50 & my premium is between 600 & 800 a month &  my out of pocket including meds is about 17-18K a year and that's BEFORE i pay taxes.  I need the CIA to get me a retirement package & I talked to a covert op HR guy who told me it was "doable".... I just needed a member of congress to work w/the CIA on my behalf and sign a document.  Maybe i shouldv'e dropped some names to have gotten help from my congressman. Had i told him that Al Gore could verify what i said was true , maybe he would've help me:(

Begin forwarded message:
From: Sharyn Bovat <> Subject: Re: your email Date: Octobe…