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Tagg Romney - Bill Haslam & Mike Loya How Does it Feel Seeing YOUR Picture on Google Saying YOU Do Business with IRAN & That Country FUELS the Syrian People That Used Chemical Weapons? THe Romney and the Haslam Family are On the Side of EVIL....That's Southern Speak for the ENEMY!!!!

Mitt Romney Does Business with Those That Fuel the Iranian Economy.....

This tweet is from Kline Preston in May....

This tweet is from Kline Preston TODAY....

New Look to is ONLY the Beginning - This Voice of a Moderate is Getting a Makeover.....It Was Relayed to Me (Sharyn) That I Might Get a Job Wherever Carlos Tavares "Might" Land. Which is NICE Because Ed Gillespie Has NOT Yet Helped. Too Busy Cleaning Up the GOP? Maybe If He Had Reince Priebus Hire Me to Lead the "GREEN" Coalition It Would Help Attract Voters to the Party?

Sharyn Bovat the Voice of a Moderate pictured at CPAC....   She represents the vote the GOP needs to win.  Many conservatives believe in Global Warming.  What the deal with Reince Priebus?  Is he gonna add a green coalition to the website or not?

Tony Blair Denied Financial Aid for His Foundation By Britain BUT Got Money From the United States? Someone Ask Hillary. I Don't Believe She Would Do That?

Tony and Cherie Blair's charities given nearly £1m by US while‎ May 12, 2013 - Tony and Cherie Blair have come under fire after details have emerged they received nearly £1million by US government for their charities.

Leslie Caldwell a French Viewer Prepped Me Over 2 Weeks Ago About Italy's Collapse....& the Ratings Agencies "Could Be" Corrupt... Look at Fitch it's Partner Fimalac is Led by CEO's That Profited GREATLY... Also a Former Bank of America VP See's Worst Recession Based on Bad Banking Practices... Said Could Be a DEPRESSION.

"There seems to be no limit to how long this can continue. That's why no one gets worked up over it anymore."  ... Comment from article linked below Fimalac : services financiers, activités immobilières et ... FIMALAC, société holding cotée à Paris, est présente dans le secteur des services financiers avec FITCH GROUP, société-mère de FITCH RATINGS ( notation).

"... I feel bad for the guy who jumped off the roof of the bank last year or whenever that was. He did not realize that what was happening was actually good for his bonus...."  comment from article linked below.  

From: *************French Viewer Subject: Hello and try this story (Banksters) Date: August 8, 2013 10:08:36 AM CDT To: Sharyn Bovat <>

Bankstah-Gangstah vermin
Scroll thru the comments some are good!!!…

Voice of a Moderate - Weekend Diversity ...Fully Medicated Blogger Intrigued By Giant Chia Pet Heads and Protest to Save Syria...

Tagg Romney- I Want Eric Holder and James Comey to Give Your Dad and YOU Free Federal Housing. Private Equity Companies PROFITING From Iran Should Be Illegal?

Haley Barbour - One of Your Supporters Warned Me About Traveling to Tennessee & a Friend of Sister Prejean Tells Sharyn to Think About ALL the Good She Can Do- Not Many Have the Pulpit:Not ALL Messengers of Good are Nuns. All That is Overwhelming BUT Can't Happen Until Haslam/Romney Iranian Deals are Public and Until Sharyn's Story Breaks... Mark Silverman formally of Gannett Knows that Sharyn's Life is in Danger UNTIL the Issues are Exposed. That View Was CONFIRMED By Haley Barbour Supporter. Sharyn Can't Travel to Tennessee Without Fear of Being Killed. She was DIRECTLY Told This.

Helen Prejean - Wikipedia, the free

Sister Helen Prejean, C.S.J., (born April 21, 1939) is a Roman Catholic nun, a member of the Congregation of St. Joseph and a leading American advocate for  ..

On the same trip I was told by a man in the chemical industry from southern Mississippi who was a Haley Barbour supporter that I needed to stay OUT of Tennessee.  He said a lot of people want a bullet in my brain. This happened about a week ago and after reflection - I "get it" the fact is Tennessee is #1 in corruption and people have made money from family businesses for GENERATIONS.  The courts are corrupt and biased toward the Good Ole Boy network and those "in the club" are scared.  I do not need to worry about Haley Barbour.  He wants me to live so NOBODY will question him on my death.  It's the lower level Good Ole Boy members that were part of sleazy land deals and got no bid contracts that fear going to jail or are…

Tagg Romney Did YOU Get My Tweet?

Nissan Whistleblower:Tagg Romney Mentioned as Suspect in‎ Aug 9, 2013 - Tagg Romney Mentioned as Suspect in CYBER Attack Done to NISSAN Whistleblower: Companies that Economically FUEL Khomeini Have Harmed a Carpool ...

Reid Weingarten: Copy of Motion Being Sent By UPS to Tennessee‎ Aug 10, 2013 - Reid Weingarten: Copy of Motion Being Sent By UPS to Tennessee Appeals Court. Mentions