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Voice of a Moderate is Gonna Change to a Blog About HOW Less Government Creates a Healthy Economy. This Corruption Blog Can Shift to the Positive Cause My Voice is NOW Being Heard. "I attended a RICO meeting in 2011 that was created for fraud connected to 2010 Green Stimulus & FBI Agents Who Wanted to STOP Green Fraud Got Bullied by 'Higher Ups'..." GOOD NEWS!!! Today Ethical FBI Agents are Being Listened Too.... THANK YOU JESUS!" Sharyn Bovat

This is how i know I'm being a good conduit:):) i have about 80 websites and almost 100 blogs ... in the past i got data that showed the ip addresses of ppl who read my blogs. I was told the FBI stopped me from getting it. I thought it was done to secure the data from other hackers. It was done AFTER i learned SOLYNDRA had read my blog 1142 times. It's now my allegation that the FBI knew of the green fraud i blogged about and agents working on cases wanted them prosecuted BUT the DOJ stopped it. President Obama's 2010 green stimulas cost the American taxpayer over 2,000,000.00 million per job created YES that's 2 MILLION. A lot of cities, counties & states created pricey infrastructure to support he electric cars and they took out BONDS. The municipal bonds are not called Junk Bond's ...A few years ago i talked to Stephen Moore who wrote for the WSJ an economist who President Trump admires a lot & told him of the issue. He told me about a city in California…

DOD Whistleblower Asked Senator Joe Manchin Infrastructure Question After 2015 AMTRAK Crash

A few years ago Ross Rowland President Reagan’s appointment to run Amtrak had breakfast with me on an Amtrak train & told me the technology was invented that would STOP 90% of train crashes (it was the morning after the deadly Amtrak accident) ..the evening of the crash I was traveling on the Amtrak Capital Limited in a sleeper car from Chicago to DC I had learned about the deadly accident on Twitter & during dinner the trains conductor visited all the 1st class passengers & answered our questions ... my question to him was “do you know the route?” He said “yes” & said “it makes NO SENSE ... everyone knows that route, that curve... you don’t go that fast...” Sleeping on a train (the same night of the crash) was “uncomfortable” we had no seat belts and I just surrounded my head with my clothes and prayed. Anyway in morning I waked to breakfast & Ross Rowland (President Reagan’s appointment to run Amtrak) sat next to me &…

Stephen Sondheim's Musical Assassins Performing a Few Miles From the White House in Arlington is "Creepy".... The Advertising is CREEPIER!!!!

" Watch them meet, interact and inspire each other to harrowing acts in the name of the American Dream at the Gunston Arts Center in Arlington...."   in the advertisement of Groupon for the play ASSASSINS

While looking for Groupons to use with a SAVE25 promo code i found the play ASSASSINS & it seems to glorify Presidential assassins.   
Maybe my Secret Service friends or the Secret Service that i met at CPAC last year who told me "if you see something say something" who are in the DC metro area should go?  Personally i prefer the Terrarium & wine option.  Sadly the promo code doesn't work with that one :( 

****This play was created BEFORE Donald Trump became the President of the United States MY ISSUE is the "timing & the words in the advertising" of the performance: When you read the descriptions you can't "not think" the act of assassinating is being glorified. 

The musical lays bare the lives of nine individuals who assassina…