James Comey Looks Like One Woman with LOTS of Blogs is Saving the World....OK I Over Shot That Statement:):) What I Exposed is BIG But Never Could Have Happened w/o Great Sources- Thanks to My Friends Who are a Bit Spooky:):)

James Comey I Emailed Reid Weingarten Eric Holder's Best Friend Maybe He'll Help the FBI Stop the Illegal Selling of Kurdistan Oil.... Until IRAQ is Dissolved YOU Can't Let the Region Break the Rules....

James Comey Tell the FBI I Canceled My July Trip to DC Cause I STILL Haven't Leaked All the Stuff I Got From My June Trip: The Sardar Pishdare Source Was Grade A (He's a Former Army Intel Asset) He Knows Info & Gave it to the FBI, Senate Inteligence Committee & Sent Packet to Dan Meyer the IC Whistleblower Showing that Ahmed Chalabi Took 350K a Month for 15 Years as a CiA Asset The Provided the "Crappy" INTEL to Go to the Iraq War & That the CIA Laundered Money & Some Taxpayer $ Earmarked for Iraq Reconstruction Went to American Political Campaigns FYI- His Email Was Hacked Two Days Ago (They Hacked Him on His Birthday-Shame on Them) Anyway The Iraqi PM Vote is Happening Soon & I Gotta Stop Dick Cheney's Lying Buddy Chalabi From Being the Next Iranian Loving PM of Iraq. The Last Night I Got Info on #mh17 That Needs to Be Looks at By The FBI Unless The CIA is Gonna Help Putin with The Cover Up? I Need a Job with Health insurance and Cover Ups Take Awhile So "If" the US Gov't is Going to Participate in This One Too HIRE ME? Have Stratfor Pay Me - Tell Craig Stamm I'll Organize the Cover UP Out of the CO Vail Office? Anyway I Know I'm a Good FBI Source BUT I Cant Get a "Legit Job" Cause I'm BLACKLISTED By an Agency (That's What Gannett Said?) & I'm an Asset to the FBI But They Can't Hire Me Cause I Want to Do Weed Cause I Have PTSD From ALL the Iran Contra Era Crap That I Can't Talk About & That's Probably Why I'm BLACKLISTED.... Heck Those That Told Me "What To Do" Are STILL Making BIG BUCKS as Government Contractors. So I'll Just Peacefully Move to a State that Allows PTSD Sufferers Access to Marijuana. I Have NOT Done Pot Since I Lived in the Netherlands During the Framing of Megrahi for the Lockerbie Cover-Up & Truly Don't Think I Could Have Lasted Being in the Same Country Had that Medication NOT Been Available. I Do FEAR That I'll Get FAT Once i Start Using it to Relax, Anyway... Please Investigate This & Did YOU See Anderson Coopers TWA 800 Slip Up? OMG! A Person Who Was Part of THAT Clinton Election Year Cover Up Called Me....Just Ask James Clapper - His Boys Who SNOOP on Americans Will Know.... Have a Great Weekend!

Sorry Hillary Clinton - It's AL's Turn to Be the Nominee Again.... Maybe He'll Give me a Ride on Air force One :):) GOPsters Don't Worry I've NOT Sold Out to The Green Man from TN & If Ted Cruz or Rand Paul Run Against Him I Won't Know WHO to Vote for....

James Comey tell the FBI That Haley Barbour's Ally Ex BP CEO Tony "Created Tarballs on the Beach" Hayward is Suffering I Hope That Means His Yacht BOB is OK?

Message to the Tea Party... I'm Sorry