James Comey tell the FBI That Haley Barbour's Ally Ex BP CEO Tony "Created Tarballs on the Beach" Hayward is Suffering I Hope That Means His Yacht BOB is OK?

Wow it was "sunny" for Genel BEFORE I blogged that Tony Hayward helped fund ISIS along with Saddam's daughter....  Ooops James Clapper was that classified? 

Genel's Kurdistan Oil Production Surging, Says CEO Tony Hayward

Wall Street Journal-by Selina Williams-Jul 3, 2014
Genel's Chief Executive Tony Hayward said that piped oil exports from Kurdistan may have hit some snags along the way, but they are likely to ...
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who is currently controlling the  strings in the Kurdistan movement?

UK Tony Hayward?


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This is controlled by the old guard Mossad and the UK/Turkey through Tony Hayward Genel Energy