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James Comey I'm the DOD Whistleblower and I Sent the Knoxville FBI an Email Telling to Prove to Me That Their NOT Corrupt. Seems Like Their SOFT on Jimmy Haslam, Mike Loya of Vitol and NISSAN. Baker Donelson the Law Firm Needs to Be Investigated Too for Bullying a Federal Whistleblower... Is it a Crime to Bully a Whistleblower?

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Reflecting on My Conversation with Todd Akin: Thank You Jesus for Making Claire McCaskill a Senator

Link to Voice of a Moderate's CPAC St louis Coverage.....Sharyn Met Todd Akin..... Details Coming Soon.

Click Here for CPAC Coverage

pictured here Sharyn with US Senator Mike Lee & Todd Akin.... Yep!!!  Wanna know "what" the voice told Todd?   

Click Here for CPAC Coverage

Click Here for CPAC Coverage

Tom Ingram, Lamar Alexander & Ed Gillespie WHY is the GOP Leading From Behind When it Comes to FASHION?

Tom Ingram Caught NOT Wearing Socks at US Senate Office Building... 

Will My $13 Haircuts Become Pricier Due to ObamaCare? Maybe Universal Medicaid? .

Just Because I Like Big BIrd Does NOT Make Me a Democrat.....

James Comey it's Sharyn the DOD Whistleblower How's the New FBI Gig? OK.... Look at Connection of Boston Bombing and 9-11 Attacks.... BOTH Promoted the Agenda for Putin. Ask Steven Seagal About His Dealing with Russian Arms & Get Dana Rohrabacher in for Questioning Too.....Please Tell Chuck Hagel I Filled Out a DOD IGO Request on the WEB.... Richard Leatherman Never Emailed Me Back. We Need to Know "If" Stephen Preston is Related to or Connected to Kline Preston.... Thank You!!!!

Below is from Kline Preston - who said he was related to Stephen Preston the nominee for President Obama to lead the DOD. Sharyn Bovat is trying to stop his confirmation.  She sent official complaint to the DOD.  Bovat sent a request to the DOD about this in December 2012 & it was NEVER responded to. 

"By saying no to war, Obama gets out of a sticky mess, rebrands the USA as peaceful at the same time as things are winding down in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now is working well with the Iranians, who are our real concern.........Finally, Obama gets on the right side of history in regard Muslim fundamentalism. Until the USA funded Al Qaeda back in the 1980s, Muslim fundamentalism was largely a Russian problem. Since 2001, it has been a Western problem. The US has been stuck between trying to fight fundamentalism while our ostensible allies (e.g. Gulf countries, Pakistan) are the source of much of the money, people and intellectual heft that feeds the Sunni fundamentalists.   It al…

Did the Daily Caller Expose President "Obamney" and the Bainizitation of America?

The Daily Caller Gets it Right......  
President Obamney is too close to the Wall Street Elite & average America is suffering.

Another recession is happening due to the "bad collateral" that banks accepted .... it's complicated. 

Wall Street does not care about National Security... They want to "make a buck".... that buck is usually made by the "average american" getting hit with "special banking fees"

Donations to Romney vs. Obama in 2012 then check out 2008 (below)

Donated to Obama in 2008

Yes!! I Did Blog About The NEW Issue of Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan BEFORE the Mainstream Media.... Is Mary Erdoes Being Prepped for the Top Job. Look at Who Donated to Romney ... JP Morgan... Hey Didn't They Donate to Obama in 2008. Looks Like Wall Street Backed Mitt in 2012... I Hear Their Scared of Retaliation from the Financial Collapse. We'll It's About Time. Someone Investigate Solamere and Tagg Romney? Leslie Caldwell.... Rested?

Compared with her outspoken boss, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, Erdoes keeps a low public profile. Yet she’s among the most powerful and respected executives in finance, says bank analyst Michael Holland, chairman of Holland & Co., a long-term investor in JPMorgan. “Quietly, she is a force, one of the most influential executives in the business,” Holland says. “Jamie Dimon promotes people who are the best at what they do. She is the best.”

Romney Donors vs Obama Donors....

Obama 2008 Donors