Yes!! I Did Blog About The NEW Issue of Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan BEFORE the Mainstream Media.... Is Mary Erdoes Being Prepped for the Top Job. Look at Who Donated to Romney ... JP Morgan... Hey Didn't They Donate to Obama in 2008. Looks Like Wall Street Backed Mitt in 2012... I Hear Their Scared of Retaliation from the Financial Collapse. We'll It's About Time. Someone Investigate Solamere and Tagg Romney? Leslie Caldwell.... Rested?

Compared with her outspoken boss, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, Erdoes keeps a low public profile. Yet she’s among the most powerful and respected executives in finance, says bank analyst Michael Holland, chairman of Holland & Co., a long-term investor in JPMorgan.
“Quietly, she is a force, one of the most influential executives in the business,” Holland says. “Jamie Dimon promotes people who are the best at what they do. She is the best.”

Romney Donors vs Obama Donors....

Obama 2008 Donors