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Sharyn Bovat the Advocate for Average America Went to GOP Think Tank Health Care Solutions Forum.. It was VERY Informative.... Could the Solution Be to "Change the Name"....? The Voters in Purple States Don't Want Repeal They Want it FIXED!!!

Steve Scalise
said Obamacare is making Grandma's buy jet ski's

Good analogy - BUT not a solution. Congressmen  Price (GA) & Rep Roe (TN) were the two that "gave hope" for a conservative solution.

In reference to the think tank panel... I'm sharing with "average Americans" the concepts and I'll get back to you...

So far 2 votes for mine & that's CHANGE the Name to AmericaCare... Take the politics "out" of healthcare... is that realistic?

James Comey - Did Gary Perdue of the Pittsburgh FBI Tell YOU About the Fax? Bob Dickey and Gracia Martore of Gannett - Can YOU Please Report the Truth About John Kiriakou? That Whistleblower is Suffering and He Has 5 Children....

Senator Dianne Feinstein Remember Me?: DOD Whistleblower‎ 7 days ago - DOD Whistleblower Worried About Safety of John Kiriakou ( the CIA Whistleblower ) Sends Fax to Pittsburgh FBI Director Gary Perdue, ... You +1'd this Each month I lobby member of congress in hope of something good happening .....
My goal is to make America healthy- I'll be OK if I can just get a job and stop having the life of a whistleblower....  To be candid - being a whistleblower in America SUCKS.  I hope ALL people in America stand up for John Kiriakou - he was RAILROADED and he has 5 children.  Just a few days ago I heard my child tell a friend on the phone... I like Chicago... I'm not bullied here...  My fight for human decency come from my HEART

Senator Dianne Feinstein Remember Me?: DOD Whistleblower‎

Sharyn's Sochi Medal Count Update & Agreeing with Kathie Lee (might be a 1st:):) About Hoda Drinking on AM TV Drinking VODKA Shots is Wrong... ONLY Cause the Kids Were Home from School... VERY Important Speed Skater Needed FOOD STAMPS.... Shows Need to Increase Minimum Wage

The story of a speed skater who worked full time needing food stamps... made me solidify that increasing minimum wage is needed   

Sochi Gets Serious - It's NOW a Full Blown COLD WAR!!!

USA and Russia TIED!!!   
Turn on the tunes from Rocky 4.... Remember when Russian said "I Must Break You"....

Lets thank these guys... I don't know the sport but they did great!!!

 Favorite Sochi Moment "So Far"........

I LOVED the Russian Mens Police Choir...

Putin Visits Team USA in Sochi.... Gives Advice to Delegation Leaders.... Say What?

This is the most "intriguing" part of article It’s not the first time the president has dropped by to congratulate athletes during the Olympic run in Sochi. He stopped by the Holland Heineken House last Sunday and congratulated the first openly gay gold medalist at the Olympics.

Look at this happy camper!!!

Marsha Blackburn - I Thought it was Valentines Day NOT April Fools Day... If It's True Then OMG!!!!

Holy ****

Marsha is featured in my NEW video exposing Haley Barbour for being part of the Dixie Mafia..
I determined she was not corrupt... just clueless.  She did associate with corrupt people.

Sochi-Putin Pressing the Flesh... & Russian Police Choir Moment of the Day

Voice of a Moderate's: Sochi Photo of the Day - & an Oldie But Goody Putin on the Ritz .....

Sharyn Bovat New Mini Bio....

Sharyn Bovat is a Blogger/Researcher/Analyst:
Sharyn Bovat became a blogger in 2009 after she was "outed" for her CIA past (research for Reagan/Bush operatives in the 80’s) she was cyberly outed as retaliation for whistleblowing about Dept. of Energy fraud linked to President Obama’s per projects.  Sharyn was told in 2009 that people in the Obama administration who supported massive government spending on green projects wanted to discredit her and she needed to blog.They knew she had access to information & it was vetted by an editor for the mainstream media that Bovat was "one" of Nancy Reagan's spies… she also did research used to restore the image of Oliver North.  FYI- she is NO LONGER a spy. All her intel is declassified &/or 2nd hand.  Sharyn was the last in her family to serve high level leaders in intelligence gathering & a DOD Public Affairs guy told her to blog for the troops. Another bit of advice she received was years ago former Presiden…

Larry Page - Why Does Google Always ReDirect My Blog Posts to the Goofy Stuff?

Sarah Jessica Parker Doing Political Commentary? Actually She's Not That Bad:):) Again NOT a Good Day to Be Chris Christie

"I kept waiting for him to say … 'I regret that I ever set a tone in my office that it made it seem to anybody who was working with me, subordinate or not, that any of this kind of behavior was acceptable,'" Parker,

Jersey girl Sarah Jessica Parker says Gov. Chris Christieneeds to ...New York Daily News-by Leslie Larson-18 hours ago Sarah Jessica Parker took Gov. Chris Christie to task on Tuesday for not coming clean with New Jersey about his role in the Bridgegate ... Sarah Jessica Parker: Chris Christie should regret 'tone'
In-Depth-Politico-Feb 4, 2014

***UPDATE*** Sandra Fluke - Rush Limbaugh Called Me a Socialist (just as bad as slut in my opinion) & I'm NOT Running for Congress.

Sandra Fluke forgoes congressional bid to run for state SenateLos Angeles Times-2 hours ago Democratic attorney and activist Sandra Fluke has decided against running for retiring Rep. Henry A. Waxman's congressional seat, instead ... Sandra Fluke Opts Out of Congressional Run
NBC Southern California-3 minutes ago Sandra Fluke to run for Henry Waxman's congressional seat
Highly Cited-New York Daily News-15 hours agoSandra Fluke running for Congress. What will Rush Limbaugh say ...
In-Depth-Christian Science Monitor-14 hours agoSandra Fluke to pass on Congress but run for state Senate seat
Blog-CNN (blog)-38 seconds agoSandra Fluke files in California for congressional bid
Highly Cited-Washington Post (blog)-Feb 4, 2014 I posted this almost 2 years ago....  Good Luck Sandra- you might be a little bit too liberal for me BUT I agree that birth control should be available to ALL women.... Too many men in congress.…

The People That "Might" Have Killed MLK (JFK Too) are Linked to Chris Christie Via HALEY BARBOUR - A Man from Memphis (A Deputy Sheriff) Whistle Blew & Spoke the TRUTH in the 90's & He Was Framed on Trumped Up Charges… The FBI Knew He Was INNOCENT & Stayed Silent. The Documents are NOW Unsealed (Except for a CIA Doc?) It's Time for Earlie Story to Get RESPECT…. I'm Going to New Jersey to Get It Too Help Get Justice - Not Just for Earlie BUT The King… I'm NOT Talking About the King of Rock Elvis I'm Talking Martin Luther King

The State of New Jersey has a LOT of black people…. and their NOT scared of the Good Ole Boy Network - 
Thank You Jesus!