Sharyn Bovat the Advocate for Average America Went to GOP Think Tank Health Care Solutions Forum.. It was VERY Informative.... Could the Solution Be to "Change the Name"....? The Voters in Purple States Don't Want Repeal They Want it FIXED!!!

James Comey - Did Gary Perdue of the Pittsburgh FBI Tell YOU About the Fax? Bob Dickey and Gracia Martore of Gannett - Can YOU Please Report the Truth About John Kiriakou? That Whistleblower is Suffering and He Has 5 Children....

Sharyn's Sochi Medal Count Update & Agreeing with Kathie Lee (might be a 1st:):) About Hoda Drinking on AM TV Drinking VODKA Shots is Wrong... ONLY Cause the Kids Were Home from School... VERY Important Speed Skater Needed FOOD STAMPS.... Shows Need to Increase Minimum Wage

Sochi Gets Serious - It's NOW a Full Blown COLD WAR!!!

Putin Visits Team USA in Sochi.... Gives Advice to Delegation Leaders.... Say What?

Marsha Blackburn - I Thought it was Valentines Day NOT April Fools Day... If It's True Then OMG!!!!

Sochi-Putin Pressing the Flesh... & Russian Police Choir Moment of the Day

Voice of a Moderate's: Sochi Photo of the Day - & an Oldie But Goody Putin on the Ritz .....

Sharyn Bovat New Mini Bio....

Larry Page - Why Does Google Always ReDirect My Blog Posts to the Goofy Stuff?

Sarah Jessica Parker Doing Political Commentary? Actually She's Not That Bad:):) Again NOT a Good Day to Be Chris Christie

***UPDATE*** Sandra Fluke - Rush Limbaugh Called Me a Socialist (just as bad as slut in my opinion) & I'm NOT Running for Congress.

The People That "Might" Have Killed MLK (JFK Too) are Linked to Chris Christie Via HALEY BARBOUR - A Man from Memphis (A Deputy Sheriff) Whistle Blew & Spoke the TRUTH in the 90's & He Was Framed on Trumped Up Charges… The FBI Knew He Was INNOCENT & Stayed Silent. The Documents are NOW Unsealed (Except for a CIA Doc?) It's Time for Earlie Story to Get RESPECT…. I'm Going to New Jersey to Get It Too Help Get Justice - Not Just for Earlie BUT The King… I'm NOT Talking About the King of Rock Elvis I'm Talking Martin Luther King