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Sharyn Bovat New Mini Bio....

Sharyn Bovat is a Blogger/Researcher/Analyst:

Sharyn Bovat became a blogger in 2009 after she was "outed" for her CIA past (research for Reagan/Bush operatives in the 80’s) she was cyberly outed as retaliation for whistleblowing about Dept. of Energy fraud linked to President Obama’s per projects.  Sharyn was told in 2009 that people in the Obama administration who supported massive government spending on green projects wanted to discredit her and she needed to blog. They knew she had access to information & it was vetted by an editor for the mainstream media that Bovat was "one" of Nancy Reagan's spies… she also did research used to restore the image of Oliver North.   FYI- she is NO LONGER a spy. All her intel is declassified &/or 2nd hand.  Sharyn was the last in her family to serve high level leaders in intelligence gathering & a DOD Public Affairs guy told her to blog for the troops. Another bit of advice she received was years ago former President Gerald Ford who had tacos with her back stage of the 1992 RNC convention.  He told her to "always know whose controlling the ball…" it seems that 2013 is strange on who leads the republican party - politically she can't figure out WHO is controlling the ball? 

This part is under contraction: 
Bovat admits politically she's a Free Market thinking RINO who loves America, believes our country should have a strong and healthy military. She’s socially moderate & believes in compromise when it comes to the federal budget.  Sharyn currently living in the Chicagoland area is having her belief in global warming "dim"... Yet she believes in climate change and does believe that extreme weather is an effect of dirty energy.  Sharyn believes in clean coal- she likes the Tesla EV... but believes that taxpayer subsidies for EV's should end - the cars have had 3 years to succeed and should be forced to succeed using Free Market philosophy.  If companies do get assistance from the government she's against any company that does business with Iran &/or their partners from getting any form of taxpayer subsidies/loans or hand out.  America has to protect their future and that starts with the American economy getting healthy.  


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