Sharyn Says WHY Ronald Reagan Wanted Immigration Reform.... THE ECONOMY!!!!

While cleaning out a box of stuff from the 80's and early 90's I found some pins.  One was given to me at a Log Cabin party & the other at a hospitality suite.

The Sebastiani one reminds me of Reagan's Immigration stance.

The former President wanted immigration reform because of AGRI-BUSINESS.  The prices for food would escalate "if" good reforms were not passed. ALL American would suffer if reform did not happen.  It was predicted that lettuce would cost 8 times as much with out the immigrant community. California wine prices would get higher and the overall economy would suffer greatly.

My grandparents lived in Pebble Beach and I was given gas money to visit them and told to visit them and on the way visit the workers in the fields.  They wanted me to find out WHY reform mattered to them.  It did not matter what I researched - the President's decision was done.  I was young and was told that "others" didn't want to do it.....  The elitist did not want to get their shoes dirty.  Lucky for me - I met some great people and learned many other reasons WHY immigrants mattered.

In reference to WHY reform should happen today - someone ask a member of the Sebastiani family.
They were nice people.   Kind to everyone even a girl that attending a cocktail party who was really just their to "watch Mike Curb"......

Welcome to 80's & early 90's California GOP politics....  it's complicated:):)