Is Obamacare Worse Than an American Home Sheild Home Warranty? It's OK for "Small" Things BUT if You Get a Broken AC (or Cancer) It Does NOT Work? The WAIT it Too Long.... Get the Analagy

Begin forwarded message:

Note to American Home Shield:

I'm happy about "cutting bait"....   The best experience i had with American Home Shield is this:

A kind lady from Memphis offered me a "crappy" deal BUT it's better than no deal in reference to my home warranty...  I'm happy to have learned this life lesson and I don't have to take my blogs and videos down to YOU not living up to what you promised.  I told the truth about my experience and NOW others are telling me their AHS horror stories.  A realtor just texted me to.

This experience with American Home Shield taught me about FREEDOM of CHOICE and WHY I'm a republican. 

Obamacare replacement option below....

OMG!!! Had you'll been running Obamacare and I had cancer I'd be dead.  You don't care about me- ALL you care about is making a buck. OMG the CEO is from a SOLAR company and the lady that did the IRS stuff is doing Obamacare?  I want to see more doctors involved and LESS regulations.  Maybe Tom Ingram can tell Governor Haslam the below idea.  It will make him "look good" and I think he needs that right now. Anyway I'll be in DC next week.  I'm looking to secure a lawyer or lobbyist.  If you know of one that will "take on" a civil rights case I've got 3 ladies lined up that have been BULLIED in the courts.   I'm teaching one how to do opposition research

                     Suggestion to REPLACE Obamacare:

Create a low level medicaid plan for ALL americans... ONLY allow for generic drugs... YES birth control.
Employers pay for "supplemental" insurance.   Don't allow for ER visits under "low level" medicaid.  Have walk in clinics. If someone does not have a job it's OK if they wait 3 hours to see a DR.  have free wi-fi and a Starbucks Kiosk.  This employer mandate is DESTROYING job creation. This plan is good for women who need a "back up" too many women are uninsured.  

I'm teaching a lady how to do "op research".... NOW I have a place to post her finding....

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