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Liberal Propaganda Blog Gives Idea to Bovat: CPAC "Light" Should Focus on Energy Independence, Free Markets, Schools Choice & National Security. By Having it in Las Vegas the GOP Might Turn Some Blue States Purple. Are YOU In Al? Seriously. Budweiser Makes a "Light".... Many Sponsors Would Enjoy Marketing to the West Coast. Win-Win.. Hey Maybe at Wynn?

The majority of the other sponsors and co-sponsors were attending CPAC to push forward their ideological issues or companies. Co-sponsors included Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform, Christians United for Israel, FreedomWorks, The American Petroleum Institute, Tea Party Patriots and the New York State Conservative Party.

But in the way back of the hall, at the exhibition booths, there were some real characters. Back there I found a mannequin adorned with body armor and a fake m-16. There was a booth selling books by Glenn Beck, Scott Rasmussen and Herman Cain. A second amendment advocate told me, "guns are the civilian defense weapon." A student at the Students for Life of America booth told me he didn't support abortions for women who were raped, "Two wrongs don't make a right, even though the rapist is a criminal, the child is still innocent."

I was surprised to see a booth back there advocating for the elimination of crony capitalism. I asked the two women standing behind it how they funded it. They said they received a grant from Koch Industries.

The Brothers Koch... Are YOU In ?


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