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Ed Gillespie IF You See Al Gore in DC Compliment Him On His Style: The Huff Post Gave Gore a Glowing Review.... Also It Sounds Like He's Wearing Socks :):) Someone Thought This Article Was Targeted to Me... Must Be the NISSAN Leaf Comment... I Know He's OFF LIMITS Cause He Has a Girlfriend: WOW!!! Huff Post Says Some in DC Want Gore in 2016 .... Heck If He Did NOT Have a Girlfriend and Lived OUTSIDE of Tennessee I'd Be All Over Him Like Ozone:):) FYI- I Have A Thing for Guys That "Used" To Work at the Tennessean... I'm NOT Talking About Tom Ingram or John Seigenthaler: Sorry Silverman:):)

"Clearly, the biggest purses south of the Mason-Dixon want Al to throw his hat in for 2016, and we are celebrating the guy that could have/would have steered this country boldly where no man has gone before...... Problem is: Washington treated him so badly. If we ever actually asked the man todance again, would he?  ..."  Huff Post

Al Gore's Washington Homecoming

Huffington Post-Oct 1, 2013
Al Gore looks fabulous! He's tan -- the ozone factor suits him. He's dressed to make us feel comfortable, even though his made-to-measure look ...

FYI- Look at HOW Tom Ingram dressed when he was in DC... NO SOCKS in the Senate building!!!  
A guy from TN called and "tried" to defend his crime.  I was so angry I made a video and even compared the faux pax to Ed Gillespie and his polyester pants from the 80's. At least Ed had an excuse -said they "travel" well...


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