James Clapper, James Comey (FBI) Michael Vickers (Rogue Intel Guy) & Stephen Preston of the DOD Even Though the Edward Snowden Leaks Stopped My Source From Sharing MORE Information in reference to the Boston Bombing I'm Happy Edward Did It. Guess I'm TIRED of Being Spied On..

What's weird is there's a Russian mafia connection to the bombing….  Is Putin gonna make him the Olympic flag carrier?  OMG!!! 

Just give Mr. Snowden immunity and bring him home. 

  1. Boston Bombing Could Have Been Diversion to Keep Haslam Pilot


    Jun 6, 2013 - Boston Bombing Could Have Been Diversion to Keep Haslam Pilot Flying J Story Silent. The Link is Oil Sales and an Oligarch. Bill and Jimmy ...
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  2. Jimmy Haslam's Company Does Business in IRAN Via CVC Capital


    Jul 9, 2013 - It was relayed to Sharyn that the Boston Bombings that happened on the SAME DAY as the Haslam FBI raid could have been a "diversion".