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Subject: Tennessee voter fraud docs clear-abuse happened: Explaining Leon Panetta Link to whistleblower retaliation - Espionage Act Legislation Update... Things Are Happening.
Date: April 24, 2014 at 8:49:38 AM EDT
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Tennessee voter fraud clear-There's probably a reason why Tennessee has republicans controlling the State House and Senate: it's sad & started in 2000 with a new computer system. 

Got docs last night what this guy had is Shelby County (Memphis) bought new computer system to county votes in 2000- the system allowed for data entry to weed out votes of people with felonies..over the course of years the board of elections has 3 different felony #’s listed of three different people associated with this one guy…. NON are him each time his vote was secretly “tossed out”.

Tennessee is a diverse state but the blacks are UNDERREPRESENTED - this started right before the 2000 election. 

Did this change the results for the 2000 election?  I don’t know BUT if these machines were put in multiple counties with large minority populations: Also how were the voting conditions for those living in non white areas in 2000?  Learning that in Tennessee some counties swing 70-80% toward a particular party - it just takes a good strategist with connections to hijack an election.   Glad the DOJ is looking into it. I got the name of the person at the DOJ & will stop by Congresswoman Marcia Fudges office (leads black caucus).  Anyway -  all I can do is hope find a civil rights lawyer for this “very smart” black man that discovered he didn’t “count” in Tennessee.  

The mainstream media has known about the computer system for OVER a decade- How did I get this handed to me - God.  To ensure his safety I’ll fax US Attorney’s and the FBI today. Some people say I should NOT trust them… my response is “I’m alive” I was told that 95% of the FBI is ethical… & 80% of the CIA (my opinion on the CIA is it’s 60%) sadly the bad apples are in “management” and many bureaucrats in DC are bullied into being team players.  

Yesterday I bumped into Mark Zaid at the Senate Hart building- He’s the lawyer DC IC “insiders” really like vs. whistleblower’s being thrown into the fire find a “roadblock” to greater transparency.  It was said to me that “if” I can get Mark Zaid & Jesselyn Radack on the same page in reference to whistleblower issues it was told to me "to solve problem build “coalitions”… Recently I told a source- getting CODEPINK & AEI to partner on a project (cuba) might be “more” doable: GOOD NEWS-yesterday Mark Zaid told me he’s willing &/or working on ending excessive Espionage Act prosecutions - to him THANK YOU!   

FYI- I dropped off letters telling members of the Senate i’d be willing to take a lie detector test & was told at the Monterey Peninsula Country Club Leon Panetta wanted to scare others from whistleblowing by “making an example” using the espionage act UNTIL i can get internet privacy & know my calls are not monitored I can’t reach out to individuals. So my hope is “someone” will figure out HOW to get the NSA (Snowden) thing resolved. 

NOTE to Ed Gillespie- it seems odd the GOP makes such a big deal out of voter fraud? 
Did you know that in Texas women are not allowed to vote if their drivers license does not match the voter registration card? 
When hispanic and minority groups learn about this it will make it harder for the GOP to get credibly as being “big tent”… 

Lastly: This guy makes a little over minimum wage- he’s struggling to survive he’s working his shift from 5am to 2pm today:On the phone last night he told me he wants the DOJ to make the “fix” before the next election. That is why he wants me to expose it. Evidently access to healthcare for the working poor is very difficult in Tennessee - he wants to make sure votes for people that will want medicare expanded...

Below I posted on my blog…. the LAST time I saw my mom was on August 13th 2011 - it was at the “club” on the 13th that I was told about Leon Panetta Railroading whistleblowers to scare them: My family for generations has belonged to the Monterey Peninsula Country Club in Pebble Beach…. Leon Panetta is a member - so was Kennedy’s CIA director & Bill Casey’s personal assistant is in charge of membership: 

NOTICE how my friend Mark Silverman texted me a LOT during that time? When he asked about a trip to Sedona I was happy - BUT had to find out if it was in Maricopa County.  Joe Arpaio is known for “jailing” whistleblowers … he also let the murder of Margaret Lesher be covered up. The guy is a BIG racist whose in bed with the CIA drug trafficking  types.. He’ll jail anyone except those that are “connected”….. WHY Gannett did not do more reporting on issues that could have gotten Joe Arpaio “out of office” is just another example of what’s wrong with the mainstream media.  

A few days BEFORE i visiting my mom I was in Hollywood… I was asked to talk to some people about a movie… they wanted to know EVERYTHING- one guy that i met with Sal Polisi was ex mafia (knew Sal Russo people)  anyway a lady working on a movie called Dark Zero driving a black BMW was kind but I’d have to sell my life rights. that would mean I’d have “no say” in how I or my family was portrayed. I talked to a relative and opted out of it the fear was my family would look like a bunch of CRAZED NEOCONS: You’ll see in the 2011 text messages from Mark Silverman the Ben Bradlee winner - Pulitzer Prize nominee. 

That was in 2011 & now it’s 2014 i’ve NOT seen my mom since that day in August 2011. Her alzheimer’s is worse- I’m isolated and only speak to 1 relative about 1 time a month.  that relative was the first in her community to get new phone lines/wiring installed too…  NOW my family is sick of the NSA surveillance and abuse done to me and I’ve got the OK to do a book…. to get the facts out I’ll self publish- Since I’ve got dyslexia and ADD it’s gonna be a tough read:):)   Yesterday i told some staffers of Dianne Feinstein- I really want QUIET resolution. I told them writing a book & running around the country babbling about my life is NOT what I want but NOBODY will help me.  i then said - my mom rambles when I speak to her (about 3 times a year) and at Christmas she went “on & on” about the democracy days with her “gang of gals”… listed a bunch of names that I knew were part of the MIC/CIA clique…she included Dianne Feinstein … just ask James Clappers guys to review the call…   This best is i told my mom i reached out to her for help… she said why - I told her she was in the US Senate-my mom said “I could have done that but i opted to be a ‘hands on Mom”….  Guess my mom is the “original” helicopter mom:):)    

It sure would be nice to be able to speak to my family- MIKE DORRIS did you make sure my mom’s OK?

Headed to an AEI event then to the congressional offices… All I want is resolution & to not live in fear.  

Sharyn   615-944-7599