Letter Sent to Mike Dorris Credit Suisse, Ed Gillespie for Senate, Medea Benjamin CODEPINK, Reid Weingarten (Best Friend of Eric Holder), Jesselyn Radack (a Snowden's Lawyer), Mark Zaid (Well Known IC Establishment Lawyer), David Garrison (Ex Al Gore Staffer), Elizabeth Loftus (Memory Expert UC Irvine), Mark Silverman (Ex Gannett Editor Ben Bradlee Winner Who Lied to Me), & Park Overall (Environmentalist-Actress-Motivator & Relative Of President Obama) .... Wow What an Eclectic Group of People & My Goal is They Will HELP ME and Help John Kiriakou & at SAME Time Help Make America HEALTHY!!! Too Much Weird Stuff is Happening & I'm SCARED - Election Fraud in 2000 is REAL... Had it NOT Happened the Story of TWO Wars & TWO Towers Would Be Different.

Something tells me GOOD Things are gonna happen.... 

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@icloud.com>
Subject: This happened today- Vote Fraud Issue in TN 2000 election - done by those aligned with CIA/MIC clique I'm SCARED for my source & me:
Date: April 23, 2014 at 10:44:19 AM EDT
To: "ed@edgillespiestrategies.com" <ed@edgillespiestrategies.com>, "eloftus@uci.edu" <eloftus@uci.edu>, "dgarrison@barrettjohnston.com" <dgarrison@barrettjohnston.com>, "olparko@aol.com" <olparko@aol.com>, Mark Silverman <4msilverman@gmail.com>, "rweingarten@steptoe.com" <rweingarten@steptoe.com>, "Mark@markzaid.com" <Mark@markzaid.com>, "jesselynr@whistleblower.org" <jesselynr@whistleblower.org>, Michael Dorris <michael.dorris@credit-suisse.com>, "medea@codepink.org" <medea@codepink.org>

Sorry for rambling THIS is important! 

Had Al Gore won TN he would have been president:
The guy has already been contacted by DOJ- he's scared - I'm scared that he called me on a monitored phone. About 6 months ago when i was in DC at hotel Donovan in Lobby a Dod IT contractor not staying at Hotel talked to me about my blogs - said they were needed for National Security - told me that they could be shut down instantly anytime-I told this to Silverman. Also this is REAL: I had a car crash in 2012. Ask Silverman-happened. On my way to Wisconsin during Scott Walker recall election - I was going to give EV fraud to reporter the accident was most likely not an accident - if they wanted me dead I'd be dead- they did not want me to talk to reporter. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5iAOJaVpA-
Also I spoke to Andrew Breitbart He died- gave same info to Ryan Loskarn - he died - gave info To Dan Meyer IC whistleblower Liaison & he just lost his security Clearance - looks like PROGRESS.

Ted Gunderson ex FBI dude on Buck Revell's "list" reached out to me he died. The CIA did propaganda campaign to make him look crazy... Just like what their doing to me & to other whistleblowers.

The last trip to DC I attended codepink AIPAC rally - earlier & told friend of Mossad General That I thought Codepink connected With moderate voters- then after attending the rally I had coffee with AIPAC attendee I said soon the crowds will triple people are sick of war & Internet is showing world abuses (torture) - many in America Have had no idea what was being done in there name. the next Day Medea Benjamin was beaten In Egypt. She had Visa to travel- her detainment made NO SENSE... 

Except this Egyptian guy working as an IC vendor Met with me in Oct/Nov at the lounge confirmed coup done by CIA/ Mike Vickers this was At Mayflower hotel- that same trip/place a Mossad Guy linked to Sheldon Adelson spoke then got mad at me. In the 80's I collected data used to help restore the image of
Oliver North & collected data used to get Americans on board with helping the Freedom Fighters (contras). I lived in Contra Costa County and had buttons made that said "I'm a Contra Too" - In 1992 I went with a Mossad lawyer to his private bank vault in SF. This was about a week before I left for Bahrain & Kuwait that is where I met a Lebanese "journalist" who was friends with Oliver North & a Palestinian currency broker who did Pan Am Iranian $$$ laundering. I have pictures too.

BACK 2 AIPAC/Codepink issue: When i learned of Medea Benjamin's Egyptian detainment in my gut i knew it was done to send a message- to tell me & other bloggers to NOT compliment Codepink: I was staying at Capital Hilton- 2:30 am could not stop vomiting from stress - went to get a Ginger Ale from vending machine - bumped into 2 Mediterranean looking men dressed in ALL black ... Later learned yes i was right- Mossad & Egypt Army Scared of CODEPINK...

The fact that I'm alive- Medea is alive Show that the "creepy people" can't stop us from speaking - so It makes NO Sense to keep John Kiriakou in jail- if anything happens to him the WORLD will hate America even more. 

When I was a little girl traveling in Southeast Asia (as my Moms "cover" with CIA p                                                        s in the early 70's people from Thailand SPIT on me.. They spit on any child With "round eyes"... I can't stop crying but have to cause I have to go lobby for Mr Kiriakou-                                                TWO negatives makes a positive so guess were Gonna win!!!

Lastly I was told to protect my sources I need to be a JOURNALIST or priest I've got data showing some websites have had over 1/2 million page views. Sadly Dianne Feinstein wants Bloggers to NOT be given rights of journalist- THAT is scary!

Thank you for listening & pray for my TN election fraud source - something tells me TOM INGRAM is linked to the 2000 election fraud.   Ed Gillespie nobody has ever said you were involved- you did profit from CIA/MIC clique  Stuff but so did a lot of people. Thank you for reading- I'm truly