The Boys from Boston = Mindless Minions

GOP Establishment Elite: It's time to put the money in the SENATE, control both houses and then force President Obama into compromise.

It's time the GOP "Rebranded"  
The GOP is NOT just the party of the RICH. I was given a bunch of Romney Staffer email addressed & told to " Wake Them UP." The Senior Staffers seem to spend their time a Fenway Park. 

I was told the APATHY comes from the Leadership

Ed Gillespie are YOU tired of being with people that are "failing" on purpose?

Your too talented to be part of "that" team.
Guess Obama promised not to prosecute certain people if y'all lose?  

Oddly- I put on my blog in 2009 that the goal was for President Obama to fail.... the FAILED NISSAN Leaf was going to be Haley Barbour's ticket to the White House....
Web Stats show that powerful people read the blog.  

The NISSAN issues is connected to Solyndra....  The Daily Caller said ANOTHER Tea Pot Dome was Brewing....

Evidently Mitt Romney can't talk about certain issues and the car that Haley Barbour's people KNEW would be built to fail is one that Mitt's people had him have his picture taken in..... Why?

Austin should have "known" that having Romney get his picture taken in a car from a French company that's NISSAN's parent.  A French company that does business in IRAN that "it" was not a good idea.

Ed Gillespie- You sir are a GENIUS are you tired of working with the mindless minions?