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James Comey I've Finally Got the Wind Going in the "Right" Direction. Carl Icahn Wants to Shake Up Gannett & I Was Told He's NOT Part of the CIA/MIC Clique That Gracia Martore & Bob Dickey are Part of. America Might Get Better News from the Mainstream Media if Free Markets Happen. Gannett's Trying to STOP a Proxy Fight & They Want CONTROL of the News... Jeremy Gaines Must Be Pooping in His Pants.... They KNOW NISSAN is Able to Share Tech with Putin Via NASA & Autovaz & NEVER Reported It... Why? Kate Marymont of Gannett KNEW That NISSAN Committeed Fraud with the 2010 Stimulas & "Let it Happen"... I'm the NISSAN & DOD Whistleblower & i Want RESPECT. It's "That" Ever Gonna Happen?

Nissan's Infiniti Backs Away From Promised EV
Bidness ETC-Jan 22, 2015
Infiniti, the luxury vehicles division of Japanese automaker NissanMotor Co Ltd (ADR) (OTCMKTS:NSANY), has said that it will not be rolling ...
Infiniti's Electric Plans Put on Hold
Top Speed-19 hours ago
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The Lockerbie Bombing Cover-Up is REAL

Gannett is part of the CIA/MIC clique that took America to a Needless war....


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Jeppie Barbour (Haley'sBrother) Linked to Tea Party Groups Connected to Ali Akbar.... Tea Partiers that KNEW Sharyn Bovat Was Being Maliciously Prosecuted Including Ken Marrero Remianed Silent: Over a Billion Tax Dollars WASTED!!! Why Did Ken Marrero NOT Speak Up. Michael Patrick Leahy Knows and He's Silent Too. Steve Gill Know's and He's Silent, So are a LOT More.... Nashville Tea Partiers I Thought YOU Cared About the Taxpayer?

Jeppie Barbour, Haley's Brother, Bemoaned Blacks 'Not Listenin' To by Amanda Terkel - More by Amanda Terkel Dec 20, 2010 – WASHINGTON -- The 1971 book Yazoo: Integration in a Deep-Southern Town by journalist Willie Morris paints a far more complicated picture... Where is old Jeppie Barbour now? Is he still around or did he pass › Discuss 1 post - 1 author - Dec 20, 2010 And folks wonder why many of use view Republicans as either tolerant of or pandering to racists. Haley Barbour is the head of the Republican ...

FBI Informant told me Donald Trump Tied to Mafia

Donald Trump with John Y Brown:…/53-indicted-in-four-state-federal-………/793.F2d.1214.84-8969.85-8217.85-…

I just got this from an FBI Informant whose working with Feds to get a RICO case: He calls this "Homework"... East St. Louis “The company
Knoxville, TN 1. Andrew C. Thornton II died while attempting to jump from his airplane with 100lbs of cocaine.
Lexington, KY1. Andrew C. Thornton born and raised in Lexington, KY was a cop, lawyer, paratrooper in Vietnam and drug and arms trafficker.
Harland, KY1. Andrew C. Thornton ties to cops here. Per 2013 Knoxville news interview…/TN-Truth-or-Tall-Tale-The-Cocaine-Par…-
5. Phillip Block (Pead guilty to drug trafficking with Andrew C. Thornton, block is the c…

The ORIGINAL Fake News #Twa800 #Lockerbie #PanAm103