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James Comey Tell the FBI That I Just Told People That Helped Destroy the World that Belong to the SAME CIA/MIC Clique as Leon Panetta to **** Off... Sadly They're my Relatives :(:( Message to the Obama Elite- When Is John Kiriakou Getting Free? He Spoke Out AGAINST Torture If YOU Don't Have the Balls to Admit YOU Made a Mistake in Caging Him At Least Lock Him Up NEAR His Children...

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: I just told my family to **** off 
Date: May 19, 2014 at 1:21:27 PM CDT

My grandfather died in 1998- during that time I had moved to the Netherlands -in 1999 a man moved to the Monterey area & targeted my Mom cause he Had a Gambling Debt- I Was Told Those Linked to MOSSAD Wanted Mom "Baby Sat" .... I was told to STOP IT ... but my family told me to "shut up" thanks guys - I was RIGHT!!!  My sources were GRADE A.   Anyway my relationship with my mom became estranged & Tom became a WEDGE & He Would NOT Let Me See My Mom & He Insulted Me ALOT. He Really Hurt My Reputation.  My trips to see my mom became very limited the last time I saw her was in August 2011 and I had people "monitoring that" ... Tom told me in August 2011 That People Would NOT Believe Me (what I was blogging about) Cause They Think I'm STUPID Cause of my Dyslexia and Bad Grammar. He Used Big Words to Insult Me. He's a Piece of Shit and I'm Glad He's Dying & I Feel Sad I Have So Much Hate Toward Him ~ 

The pics to the ABOVE are of a well  KNOWN Honduran torturer that’s linked to CIA drug trafficking.  In the 90’s My friend whose dad was a Reagan appointee was living in Tegucigalpa she was State Dept. (CIA) she was sleeping with him & helping those that did drug stuff.   While I was visiting her I took pictures of her in bed with him and documented her helping him. LOTS of people in Honduras were murdered cause of him  My friend was demoted by the Clinton Administration. She stayed my friend until 9-11-2001 then I halted ALL communication.  Cause of something I was told.  This was in 1994  I did the trip cause I wanted to help STOP human rights abuses.  

I'm Gonna Fight to Prove that Megrahi Was Innocent Cause I Too Was Railroaded my family did NOTHING to help me they would have let me rot in jail... I feel like an orphan!!!   That is WHY I cc'd Mike Dorris on the emails cause I've been through HELL and he seems to be the only person that can help.  Please someone MAKE the Lockerbie Truth Happen... I love my country and I'm sorry if my family helped destroy it.  ALL I want is a normal life - a job with healthcare and all the inhumanity in the world to STOP!!!    

What keeps me strong is my grandfather - he's the most ethical man I ever knew and maybe the only person that ever truly loved me.

I do love all of you & I have as much respect for you as YOU have shown me!

It my hope that all of you have great lives & have a great day!!!


Mom was right when she said you can chose your friends but NOT your family!


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