Cyber Attack in August 2013 wiped out Time Machine Back Ups ...I was told it was GONE.. Apple Even Wrote Letter saying Hard Drive EMPTY- Oddly SOME Have "Come Back"... Thank You APPLE

Here are some Photo Booth Shots That were Gone But NOW Back---

I wonder WHY I took them... Obviously this blogger-whistleblower-humanitarian had some "cry" time and down time:):)

after getting a death threat 
(post cyber attack from Oct 2013 - just shows emotion)

after being "spied" on at Marriott Wardman (1st time) 
during July 2013 visit of Vietnam President 
BIG Cyber attack was August 2013

no clue WHY I took this one

Given More Yates Info-NISSAN Vendor that abuses employees 
pays blacks LESS per hour and fires people when their on the "verge of becoming "full time" NISSAN. Employees make about 12 an hour until  5 years then they get 22-24 hour job UNLESS their fired. Some blacks who spoke to me were offered 11 an hour-had MORE experience than white employees.

waiting for drink?

Day I found out lawyer lied to me and was working 
against me: Baker Donelson filed nasty motions 
and Kline Preston NEVER responded

Getting ready to leave Tennessee

How I feel being a Whistleblower