Today I'm Targeting Bank Fraud & Iran Sanction Breaker MITT ROMNEY & Sent an Email to One of the DOJ Under the SpotLight Companies: OMG!!! The Guy In Charge of Security Services for Credit Suisse is Gonna Flip When He Reads Email I'm Sending to Stratfor Vendor Mike Dorris.. Oops It's the SAME Guy:):) Hi Mike - YOU Owe Me a Drink & Tell Craig Stamm I Want to Work For Stratfor in the VAIL Office? Have a Great Morning!!! :):) Sharyn Also Message to Lockerbie Bombing Cover Up Team Including Buck Revell and Frank Duggan et al

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Bank Paribus Scandal Could Bring Down GOP Establishment- If I'm NOT Working I'll FIGHT EVERY HOUR to Get Eric Holder to INDICT MITT ROMNEY in 2014 - He knows about the LOCKERBIE Cover up Too
Date: May 14, 2014 at 2:19:35 PM CDT
To:,, Michael Dorris <>,,, Jonathan Collegio <>, Mark Silverman <>,, "" <>, brian murtagh <>, "" <>, "" <>, Arthur Brooks <>, "" <>

Mitt Romney Got Amnesty for UBS tax Evasion before he ran for President and the mainstream media was SILENT: 
Reid Weingarten tell Eric Holder If He OWNS any Credit Suisse or Bank Paribus He NEEDS to Go to Jail - 

If I can't Get a JOB Cause I WHISTLE BLEW & under EXCESSIVE surveillance I'll Campaign to Indict Mitt0 better that watching HGTV all day.
& America Will Benefit?  I love America and it can only get healthy with the truth & transparency.   

Did ya’ll see what I did to Ken Paxton the AG candidate- web stats show the turnaround was AFTER he was exposed for being associated with BUCK REVELL:  

Have a great Day!!!