Sheldon Adelson I'm Having Fun Being a "Journalist"...Thank You For "Calling Off the Dogs".... No Mossad Problems So Far on this Trip... Maybe Their Too Busy at AIPAC? To My "Viewer" IRAN Really DID Tweet Me - TOLD YA!!!

Here's some video ....FYI- it's my kids jacket... to the AIPAC people... NOT ALL people wearing pink are CODEPINK...& even if I were you should be POLITE 
It's time to RESPECT ALL PEOPLE!!!!

After the protest I met an AIPAC attendee - we had coffee... They told me "they too" want PEACE with Iran...  :):) 

I told someone today that the county of IRAN Tweeted me they wanted PEACE - they thought I was CRAZY....

Told Ya :):)