Could American Crossroads Be the Good Guys?

Yes!!  NOW I understand WHY your guy was so OBSESSED about the Senate.

Now w/ Akin being such a "twit" & not stepping down, how are YOU going to pull that rabbit from the hat?

NOW- if people connected to you were "intentionally" feeding me bad information "just" to discredit me.   OK.... it makes NO SENSE....

The guy that met with me in March 2011 told me you were "calmer"..... Did he lie to me?  NO too much was true... I've also got a LOT of "tips" on stories that were true.  Also, because I have to trust someone ...  it might as well be your people.  

The one thing we have in common is 
LOVE for America

Sir, I really do think YOU love the Republican Party (you did have some "intense"people that worked for you in the 90's)   

This is my "rational" I had my press pass UNTIL Romney was the presumptive nominee.  THAT says more about "his" people than yours.

The FRAUD is real and people verified.  I met a guy from the Pentagon and confirmed that by NISSAN doing business in Iran it's putting America in Jeopardy.  

 I KNOW that the Bush family LOVES America.  They would NOT let NISSAN a foreign company get over 1 billion dollars when they do business with TERRORIST.  

What are YOU Going to Do About It?