Dora Kingsley

She's a reference: she used to call me her MINION. I hated that word!

It was better then her "baby bimbo"..... Opposition research is a TOUGH world.

Nice person that Dr. Dora we bunked together at a Republican. Governors Conference in Park City. Enid Greene, Joe Waldhtz and Audrey Merkin were there too.

I Hope she stopped telling the story of me with the Frisky governor... Oops.  Or the one of me at the Anaheim Hilton - I'm sure the congressman hated that one.

NOW Puritan elitist back then YOU needed me. For the record I've changed and cleaned up my act. Silverman was just a quick fall from the wagon. I want RESPECT.

That means break the Nissan  story and someone just hire me to do research. I'm smart and LOYAL to whoever I work for.

Thx :):)

Peace and Respect

Look at the mileage in my Honda
I LOVE this car.