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Jillian Manus is What the RNC Needs in Prime Time

This Woman Could Be Romney's 
Hope for Change

After almost a dozen quick conversations with people from all over Florida it looked dim.  Seeing Reince Priebus say the GOP is a bunch of Happy Campers was not the Tampa atmosphere that I entered.  Already some say my  MODERATE views on choice and gays are too liberal:  I'm still NOT welcome.

At the same time I don't want to cut military spending and I want America to have a STRONG National Security.   I young GOP'er said "that not happening - were gonna cut ALL government."

Then in the early morning while I was settling into my hotel I turned on Fox News and I' never "thought" I'd say the Geraldo was my favorite newscaster BUT last night he and Jillian Manus had a discussion that gave HOPE ,,,,   at least that's something.

If I worked for Romney I'd say the SHE would be the perfect Akin anti-virus and put her on the podium in Huckabee's spot.   

Just a Thought....

Mitt Romney Do YOU Want to Win?


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