Just Sent This to Log Cabin Club Members and CC's a Few People...Do I have to do a press release on the press conference about my press pass. I'm fighting this "little" battle because it'a about RESPECT.

Tennessee Carpool Mom From Marsha Blackburn's District Bullied By People in Community After Dating Female Nissan Executive Seeks Hate Crimes Investigation: Sharyn Bovat Going to Post On www.RedStateGay.com That She Wants Marsha Blackburn to Request it… Please :):)

Begin forwarded message:

To the "in" Tampa Log Cabiners:  Hello!!!My name is Sharyn Bovat and I'm just a person who's been fighting a homophobic Good Ole Boy Network in Tennessee.  I've been jailed 3 times on trumped up charges and the mainstream media won't report my story because I whistle blew about fraud that involved President Obama's pet project.  I'll be in Tampa next week. PLEASE I need help telling America about the Dept. of  Energy fraud and the bullying that is happening in Tennessee.  Please watch... http://youtu.be/Fq8Crobwcu4  it's complicated.

Good Luck at the Platform Committee meetings.  Please Tell Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn Hi... FYI- She's a very caring congresswoman who's staff listened to me when I had an issue with the IRS.  After I whistle blew against Dept. of Energy fraud NISSAN most likely  purposely did my 1099 wrong and the IRS kept sending me letters. NOBODY would help me except for Marsha Blackburn.  Some of the people in her district HATE gays... She not one of them....I can tell you what she does not like and that's Haggis..  I sat next to her at a Scottish society dinner:)

Sharyn Bovat

Here's the link to the issue of my being bullied in Tennessee

& Smart American : GOP ...
Sharyn whistle blew on Dept. of Energy fraud that she learned was happening at NISSAN. People involved swore out warrants and jailed her 3 times in ...
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I'm going to Tampa because I know that the Obama administration is responsible for 85% of the DOE Disasters.  

America Needs a New President.  The RNC is having a battle for the "heart" of the party slightly similar to 1992.  It's sad that the "same" issues about gay rights are STILL being battled.  America is SO much better than this. 

Sent this video to GOP Elite: Do I have to do a press release on the press conference about my press pass.  I'm fighting this "little" battle because it'a about RESPECT.  Please watch.  http://youtu.be/CaR8CBjy-Fc  

See you in Tampa