Mormon Mafia Theories Ridicules: Enid Green was Clueless & Caring.

Just to set the record straight.

Dora Kingsley is a PROFESSIONAL and very smart lady

Enid Greene was a woman who wanted to make society better.

Joe Waldholtz was a piece of scum (in one meeting with "other" operatives he was plotting the demise o Michael Huffington)

The Mormon Mafia whispers that are floating in the South are LUDICROUS.  FYI- I've been around people in the REAL mafia........ The ONLY person that might have been "connected" from the YRNF to the mafia is JOE WALDHOLTZ.  Creepy but true.   Again Enid was CLUELESS.  I have 3 examples. I'll tell Enid if she asks.  

I've spent time with Mormon politicians and my ONLY serious concern is the "lack" of concern some of the staff of that relifions uncompassionate behaviour to those of us that are addictid to cofffee.
Starbucks is my "drug of choice".

That said: I've know how to judge character and Enid Greene from the 1./2 dozen times I've spent with her has a LOT.   I'm happy she has a new life.  It's hard to "rebuild" a life after sometthing tragic is done to tarnish one's image.   I had NO CONTROL of how NISSAN slandered me after I whistle blew.  Maybe I'll call into Enid's talk show and get some advice.

I've gotta go talk to some people able investigating some fraudsters in Tennessee...

Have a Great Day!

Sharyn Bovat