Did the Crony Capitalist Win? Romney's People DON'T Want to Expose NISSAN Fraud:  When NISSAN Used the Treasury Bank and Does Business with IRAN:  A Bundler Was Used and Fraud Happened... 

The Whistleblower has been "jerked" around by the RNC and it's not the fault of the staffers that Sharyn has dealt with.  The people doing the work "are just doing what they're told."  After being in Tampa for a few days it looks like Romney is catering to the CRONY Capitalist.  It's sad.   It has made me lose hope. America is not going to get healthy with him as President "if" he caters to special interest.  At a forum today on ENERGY this was said about AMerica's energy policy... it's "No Lobbyist Left Behind".... everyone laughed, the room was filled with lobbyist.

I had several meetings with key political players and it looks like NISSAN is gonna get a "BYE"  guess Governor Haslam cut some good deals with Haley Barbour?

I have done nothing but speak up for the average American and the Romney campaign knows about the Dept. of Energy Fraud and they choose to not expose it.  Evidently "infighting" in going on.

People have told me to get NISSAN to mediate:  I was told that Mitt's hands are "tied" and he has to let Obama win and then help get the Republican party "balanced."

The fact is talented people like Ed Gillespie can't save Romney (although I was told he tried).

For the Moderate is Feast of Famine.  It looks like it' 4 more years of famine.

In 2016 we might have a feast.... with the Bush-Clinton race....