Sharyn Bovat Says the Current RNC Does NOT Respect Moderates: She Was Told By Right to Lifer That She Does NOT Belong in Republican Party. The RNC Has Flipped Flopped on Her Press Pass and She's OK WIth That. She Says She's Going to Network With the FUTURE of the RNC..... Tell Them About the CONCEPT of Respect for All People :):)
Heck if the people that are getting me into Heritage Foundation events and Coalition briefings and parties are connected to "this dude" whose buddy is serving as as Senior Advisor to the Romney campaign (which gives hope for turning it around).Why did y'all not like California Moderates in 1992?  We were fun and easy to please.  It looks like the Tea Party made moderate like me "attractive" again:):)  The fact is    GOP establishment was becoming the "Left Wing" of the party.   It seems like it's true to FLY you need BALANCE.  Why am I telling this to the strategic elite.  YOU knew that and for letting me "ramble" for a LONG time.  Thank you.
Mr. Gillespie PLEASE Sir.... I know your VERY Catholic but even most Catholic women want birth control funded- We also want Akin GONE... He's embarrassing.   Anyway it's nice to see the dialoge "shifting" to ENERGY Independence.  Respectful spending of tax dollars  is what MATTERS to the Yoga/ Pinot Grigio Demographic.  Sadly the Days Inn is Pinot Grigio Challenged:(:(  Still I'm so VERY excited about seeing Old Friends and Arch Enemies:):)With Crossroads managing the next wave of activist for the RNC: The odds for common sense RNC platforms focused on economic and national security issues looks bright:  Better get some new shades:):)  and maybe an umbrella for the possible hurricane.