Tennessee GOP Members That Ignored 1 Billion of Dept. of Energy Fraud STILL Support Todd Akin

Romney Will Most Likely LOSE Due to the Extremist....
They are RESPONSIBLE For Letting OVER 1 Billion Tax Dollars to Be Wasted Due to Their LACK of RESPECT for the Whistleblower:  Members of the Conservative TN Community "thought" Sharyn was gay and she was BULLIED and harassed.  Worse.... The American Taxpayers are footing the bill.  Sharyn Bovat says Eric Holder has ignored the Dept. of Energy fraud:  BUT odds are he'll investigate the HATE CRIME

Sharyn whistle blew on Dept. of Energy fraud that she learned was happening at NISSAN. People involved swore out warrants and jailed her 3 times in Tennessee they are in a Good Ole Boy Network that is known for discriminating against gays.They're Southern Democrats & sadly US Senator Lamar Alexander a Republican. The people in the Tea Party knew of the abuse Sharyn was enduring but they kept their mouths silent because Sharyn was "thought of" as gay. it's sad that OVER 1 billion tax dollars were wasted just because of homophobia. It's time for Tennessee to RESPECT ALL People. Governor Haslam do YOU want to join my fight for Human Decency?