The NISSAN Story Will Break..... I Got a Call the EV Owners are ANGRY....

I told the Guy that if the Republicans don't POUNCE on the Crony Capitalism story.... then  I don't care WHO wins.  

America will STILL be UNHEALTHY!!!

He said: 

"Sharyn you spoke up for Average America...if YOU don't support Romney and YOUR the one that's documented the corruption and fraud & your lives suffered because of Obama's programs then WOMEN won't trust him....the Obama campaign will use your silence as support....they read your blog..."

The FACT is I was the 1st person in Tennessee to wear a Romney Tee Shirt at a Tea Party rally.  I wanted change.... BUT once he was the presumptive nominee I got LESS respect in the GOP.

Haley Barbour is "tight" with Romney-Looks like the lobbyist won. If Mitt Romney can't speak up for Average America then it's SAD.  Moderates will stay home and have to continue with Obama policies.  Americans simply don't trust politicians.   I

Akin is destroying the chances of taking back the Senate.

Looks like it's gonna be BIGGER than a hurricane in 2016...

Clinton vs Bush   Is that considered a "rematch"  ?  

Maybe "some" in the GOP wanted "that" all along:):)