To Haley Barbour's Allies: Last Racism Rant.... PLEASE READ... Thank You!!!

"OUT of RESPECT for the GOP I will NOT Rant about Racism in the RNC after I enter the State of Florida.    STILL It's a topic that needs to be addressed. If the Republican Party wants to be the party of a PRESIDENT in the next Decade.  If the party stays "on idle" it's going NOWHERE.."  Sharyn Bovat

 Written in Georgia: Bovat a Center-Center Blogger is attending the RNC convention:  Kindof   She's not sure if Reince Priebus is going to let her in the building.  She was sent a letter Welcoming her to Tampa and she filled out a hotel request form.  The GOP conventions started following her on twitter and ALSO RNC Events.  Luckily friends have helped Sharyn with her hotel and she has press activities to go to.  STILL she wonders HOW is she getting into the building? 

In 1988 and 1992 when the Moderate was "previously" a Republican she had "no issues"  

 that probably had something to do with her DNA;  

Fun Fact: Sharyn was told to sell real estate in the 80's so she'd have a job with "flexible hours"  when she started one night she went to a bar and a man handed her over 1/2 dozen listings.  Then in the paper an article was written about "what a hard worker she was".... the end of the article was a comment that Sharyn was "independent" and no longer needed anything from her mom (who was a democrat and the nemesis of the publisher of the Contra Costa Times).  It's complicated. 

After a man that had protected Sharyn and ensured she was "taken care of" entered heaven in 1993 Sharyn left politics.  She's ONLY back because after she whistle blew about Dept. of Energy Fraud people connected to President Obama and Haley Barbour went into OVERDRIVE in discrediting Sharyn.

Over the years Sharyn learned she's probably the biological daughter of a deceased powerful defense contractor who was friends with President Ford (could explain why he had tacos with her backstage at the RNC convention). She has always been the "don't talk about" topic and she's fine about that.  She's never been one to insist on the spotlight.   In fact that's why she hates having to seek press to expose the Dept. of Energy Fraud. Sharyn took a stand up comedy class "just" to force her to learn how to feel comfortable on the stage.   NOTHING about Dept. of Energy Fraud is funny. 

To people that say "I'll I want is to promote myself..... NO that's not true  Had the mainstream media reported the story the issues would have been dealt with QUIETLY.  Why did the Ben Bradlee winner tell me so much... It's because he "vetted" me.

In the past people have treated Sharyn and her opinions with RESPECT and she never had to ask for anything UNTIL she needed a "clean judge."  Sharyn knew the Tennessee courts were going to "railroad" her.  A judge told her he'd jail her for a year. She'd been arrested 3 times on trumped up charges.    

While he was the editor of the Tennessean Mark Silverman told Sharyn that Governors Haley Barbour and Governor Phil Bredesen were part of WHY she has been harassed for so long.  It was Rahm Emanuel that had the story squashed (eventually Governor Haslam became part of the Gang to Discredit).... WHY?

Sharyn had a blog (that she has temporally put on hold and forwards and that blog had OVER 2+ Million Hits over 1 Million page views from over 100 countries.  That blogged talked about the DOE fraud starting June 4th 2009.


Mark Silverman told Sharyn that powerful people read her blog:  He even admitted that the White House probably discussed it.  Some of the harassment Sharyn received was from a Titan Truck from Mississippi and Mark told her that bullying was not ordered by Haley Barbour DIRECTLY (but most likely people that worked for him)... Oddly then he suggested she ("I")work on his presidential campaign.  Yes!!! The mainstream media & their award winner are "in bed" with Haley Barbour. It's LOBBYIST-Military Industrial Complex stuff.

SOLYNDRA Read the blog 1142 Times... WHY?

Haley Barbour's Allies have NOTHING to worry about: President Ford told me to "be a team player"   Sharyn GETS IT!!!     Also, I'm a HAWK.... with a heart:)

When Reince Priebus took over the RNC Sharyn knew that it was Barbours turf.  Sharyn KNOWS that Henry is "king of the hill" in Mississippi.  Sharyn is NOT ranting about anything BUT Diversity.  OUT of RESPECT for the GOP I will NOT Rant about Racism in the RNC after I enter the State of Florida.    STILL It's a topic that needs to be addressed..... IF the Republican Party wants to be the party of a PRESIDENT in the next Decade.  If the party stays "on idle" it's going NOWHERE.  

Still after I enter the STATE of FLORIDA.  
My comment about GOP will be kind or helpful to the goal.   
NOT a lot of people read this blog... BUT it's monitored by someone connected to Axelrod.  Maybe I'll see him if I decide to go to Charlotte NOT as a supporter but a BLOGGER.  The Duke Energy Deal is GONNA Be Big.

My Source says....the DNC could become and "electrocution" if that story of CRONYISM breaks.

Before recent scandal... I blogged about it.... Kind of creepy.