America MUST Have a Strong Military....

We've pissed off a LOT of people.  Some have nuclear weapons and some "want" to get them.

As a nation if we "let our guard down" were in danger.

The fact is we need "friendly forces" to show the world that America is about peace.

We need more bases where members of our military can live with their families overseas.  It's not fair to those that have severed 4+ tours and they were away from their families. The fact is the military is a "jobs" program.  Unlike Solyndra the pay back to the tax payers could be PEACE.

It's about shifting America from being the aggressor Nation builder to the Peacemaker: A global hall monitor.  We need LOTS of surveillance]

Sharyn Bovat.... Voice of a Moderate..
Peace through Strengh-Let's bring it back.