Bill Murphy Romney MIA Social Media Director

I "built" this blog

Sharyn Bovat

Bill Murphy You've been MIA on twitter-

I told someone in Tampa that people were sabotaging MITT's campaign.

Guess they listened.

I'm curious- Why?
What did they give you?

To the Romney remnants
It would be nice if you THANKED me.

OMG! I had to have a conversation.with the "other McCain" I had to drive all over Tampa tracking down the fraudsters. Then I had meetings in hidden locations. Just to expose Rogue Felon Bloggers to te GOP Elite. HELLO will they NOW look major fraud connected to Nissan?

Oh well just on case they don't communicate I was sent a bunch of email addresses to prominent GOPers
Guess I'll have to add to my contacts?

Just ti show you how STUPID Bill Murphy was I'm going to post pictures from Bill Murphy's MITT Romney twitter account

Too bad he was a "twit" looks like he "had" the good life BEFORE he was caught. He will NEVER have an opportunity like that in his lifetime.

He played ball will the big boys and got CUT from the team.

Bill Murphy - running a county supervisors race at a community near you