Mitt Romney YOU need the political equivalent of BAIN.

An independent voter told me today that Mitt's Libyan comment "reminded" them WHY they don't like Republicans.

The fact is a "majority"of Americans (including some that served in the military) don't trust the GOP on foreign policy.

Personally I think John Bolton is very smart and an American Patriot.  I agree with him on the issues on Iran.

From talking to the "masses" the opinion of the man with the mustache is that he's the spokesman of the "War Monger."  If they "knew" the truth about Lockerbie then they'd "fear Iran too.  The fact is ALL the Dis"Information" provided by people "including Sal Russo" has made the world "not" trust America.  As a person who comes from a family connected to the Military Industrial Complex that takes pride in America for promoting democracy America's image abroad makes me sad.

The USA needs another President like Ronald Reagan to bring PRIDE back to our nation.  Sadly it looks like it might not be Mitt.


It's early enough and the election is not for almost 2 months.

If the Mormon "dude" wants to prove he's got balls then do what "smart" politicians do.  Sir... it's time to "dance to a 'new' tune"

Shift & blame your strategy on YOUR campaign.  Announce a MAJOR shake up.  Maybe that's what Ed Gillespie is working on already?

Mitt Romney YOU need the political equivalent of BAIN.   

Start now... or forever hold you peace.

Boys in Boston... Y'all show me "no respect" and I KNOW the Romney "long timers" know about me, the Crony Capitalism & all the abuse I've had as a whistleblower.

I do NOT count as "one" vote.  My "thought"represent the demographic the person that sits in the Oval office in 2013 needs.

Important people read my blog.  They like to win.
Does the Romney campaign want to "win"

Have a Great Day!


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