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Thank You Haley Barbour- Maybe Soon the Bar Crowd Will Talk About NISSAN

FYI- I agree with you on Akin.....

Here's the Politico Article

Here's the link to Coffee with Haley

OMG!!! Akin like to spout mafia talk.
well that's something I know about.

Oddly Foster Friess gave to Alfonse D'mato
When I went to work on the Giuliani campaign in 1993 I was treated "oddly".... WHY?

Still they paid for my hotel and gave me a per diem. Rudy was known for NOT liking the mafia.

Sal Russo did work for Al D'mato

This guy was in the mafia.  He spent a couple of days telling me about turning my life story into a screen play.  His name is Sal Polisi and he was in the Bonano/Gambino families and connected to Gotti.  He wore a wire and ratted out Gotti.  He had his 3rd arrest and had to do it-otherwise he'd be in the pen for "life."  Sal got kicked out of wittiness protection after joing on the Geraldo show to pitch his book.   Oddly when we spent time together we "knew" some of the same people.   These were people he knew BEFORE he became the feds "whistle blower" Huh....  The fact is the mafia was used to help fund the CONTRAS in a way they were not felons for dealing drugs they were allies of the CIA.  
I guess that's why it's "complicated"  

Mar 12, 2012
In America MOST people think the Bush family is connected to the Mafia... the fact is for generations the Mafia had ties to the CIA.. except former President Jimmy Carter's CIA . The Reagan people were friendlier to the mob ...
Mar 14, 2012
The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) is a non-departmental public body in Scotland, established by the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 (as amended by the Crime and Punishment (Scotland) ...
Mar 11, 2012
Sharyn Bovat Was Told About 6 Months Ago That Carlos Ghosn Does Deals With Yakuza. Yakuza is the Japanese Mafia....They are "TOUGH". The fact is Russian President Putin is (indirectly) connected to the Russian Mafia ...
Mar 21, 2012
The CIA in Some Countries Used the Same Org. Chart as the Mafia. It Helped with CONTAINMENT. During ONE of my meetings with Mark Stout the VP of HR for NISSAN he "explained" to me how communications with Mr.