Dana Loesch KNOWS about Nissan Fraud and Said NOTHING


It looks like Billionaire Foster Freiss
Is funding "insiders" that want Romney to lose: that's what the "other" McCain said was the end game. A Sal Russo term?

I'm going to ask Eric Holder to subpoena Mr. Freiss in reference to HATE Crime - one of my death threats that I got after I whistle blew at Nissan is linked to TEXAS- I thought it was connected to David Barton But it could be a LOT of people sadly ETHiCAL people suffer in America. Especially when the Mainstream Media ignores stories that MATTER to society.

Mark Silverman the Ben Bradlee winner called me today. He's the guy that VETTED me and knows I told the TRUTH. He's sad that Romney is being "set up to fail" I told him about the whacko Bill Murphy. People from a dozen countries KNOW about the RNC drama. It's INSANE.

Back to ranting about the USELESS media ....

Dana Loesch from Breitbart is a hypocritical lightweight who probably already PEAKED in her career. Dana OMG you've know about the Nissan fraud and do did Breitbart and it NEVER got reported WHY? I think Breitbart was gonna break a LOT of stories until "someone" stopped him. OR it could have been the Red Bull? So what do you think? When you saw me you "ran". Why? Maybe I was too sensitive and you ran away from me because you had to go to the bathroom? If so report the story and I'll have RESPECT for you.

More later


OMG Ali Akbar is dressed like a waiter from the Jockey Club. This is quite possibly the WEIRDEST whistleblower story ever. The sad part is ALL Americans are getting screwed by a company NISSAN that is on the Iran watch list and deals with Terrorist.
It looks lime Reince Priebus let those "assisting" Nissan with the fraud have total access to the GOP convention .

Y'all NOW know why Haley Barbour pardons so many.

Someone HELP!!!

Break the story PLEASE


Oddly Ali Akbar and Romney Staffer Bill Murphy are connected to the RACISM in the RNC. Years ago Henry Barbour paid a guy to be Black at the 1992 GOP convention. And it looks like its still happening. Ick!!!