Debate Question - Updated Jeb Bush Should Be Obama's Secretary Of State...

Debate Question: Who would be your Secretary of State?

It takes people with the knowledge of HOW the situation in the Middle East happened to "fix" the problem.  I think Jeb Bush needs to be the Secretary of State when Hillary Clinton retires.:  

Can someone from Axelrod's team tell the campaign that it would be a BOLD move on President Obama's part but one that will show the world that America is UNITED in it's efforts for long term world Peace...  

Seriously.... It would work....People like Jeb.

The Bush family is NOT responsible for ALL the Chaos ... it was a "group" effort.  

The democrats are NOT clean on the issues.... Do YOU want me to talk about Kennedy some more?

Hillary is leaving and I think that question. Should be asked.

My opinion is a strong military - I do not think defense spending should be cut -maybe they could "watch the budget" do some six sigma but we need a Strong Military. That said some people are known to be "trigger happy" and they would make any moderates still leaning Romney -NOT vote for Romney.

Bolton is respected by less than 40%
Of the population - he probably uses his mustache as a buffer when he's sniffing out a new war.

OMG! Can someone please let him know that Iran is ALSO responsible for the Lockerbie bombing NEVERMIND He probablyAlready knows

it's his reputation on the line "if" the truth gets exposed. OUCH!!!

The people that dealt with the families really did believe "what" they were told.
I have examples I can share with Dianne Feinstein and John McCain

So when higher ups like Bolton said it was ONLY Libya that's what the US government officials believed in their hearts so they could convey that message to the grieving families.

Maybe the deal is that of Romney Loses then the TRUTH will be exposed. The GOP needs the truth exposed so then they can "clean up" from the deception. Done by people connected to Iran Contra and that means SORRY SAL!!!

It's time for RESPECT of All People