Foster Friess Funded Phony 5o1c3 Tea Party Created Crony Capitalist Controversy Brewing... Bad Blogger Being Bashed without Beer...... OMG... Bovat got a call about 6 months ago.  The guy said the people that have terrorized you will be punished for something and then he said... the IRS is the "friend" to justice.  
To the bloggers that have exposed this.... THANK YOU!!!

Bill Muphy is still MIA and Sharyn's image is "still #1 when you google him..

Coffee with Haley seems to be NOT perkolating as promised....Why?

Lots of UPDATES on the Ali Akbar, Robert Stacy McCain National Bloggers from many blogger all across America and it's Bipartisan

The "mystery" of the swatting will be easier to solve than Lockerbie.... oddly some of the "same" players doing the "cover up"

Google Sal Russo and see what PEOPLE are reading....