To My Florida Viewer Michael: A Green Knight & Comments from Moderates About the DOD

Note to GOP Money Making Elite: 

Please tell Mitt to Keep Haley's hands "off" of the Dept. of Defense 

Barbour cannot be the DOD Secretary. 

I was told by "more than a few" that he or someone like him would be WHY they would vote for Obama.   Too many Americans are tired of war.  

A majority of America wants a HAWK not a VULTURE.

Most people do not understand the need for National Security.  Those Hybrid tanks I heard about in Tampa sound "cool"  America-Protecting the People and the Planet at the Same Time. The way to get the "masses" on board is to educate them.

The fact is the Republican Party needs "good training" for bloggers. The current group running it (Ali Akbar) gives me "flashbacks" to Joe Waldholdtz.   

Tell Haley since he can't run future wars we'll let him MENTOR young people.  Keep reading...

Romney Needs to "reassure" America he will take someone with Military experience (one said NOT from the Bush era... but to be candid I think that's unreasonable... EVERYONE is from the Bush era.... HELLO!!!

The key NOT a lobbyist.  People tend to not trust Romney, could be his nervous laugh? 

Good News for the Boys in Boston: Americans don't like the direction America is going either.  It means Telling Romney who's a moderate that's been acting like a conservative to become a moderate again.  You know that 'etch a sketch' thing?

Lets get some "journalistic standards" for a NEW Blogger Club?  Maybe have Ed's people oversee that?  He's got the "cleanest" reputation in DC.  

Maybe the club could be funded by a right wing organization charity PAC  that's CREDIBLE... Can you think of any?

One run by people that could be "mentors" to your up & coming operatives/strategist and communications driven young people.  People that "need jobs"  ... maybe a "slightly" older free spirited person can organize the it...

 Think Economic and National Security Issues Being fed into the blogosphere- Free Market Driven 20+ year olds that listen to your every word like your GOD.  

We'll make it a "Healthy MIX" of Bloggers from the Establishment "mingling" with Tea Party Bloggers and Moderated Bloggers.  Omg!!! Could it be.....


Have a Great Night!!!