Mitt Had NO Specifics for 60 Minutes....He Needs to Get Them Before the Debate

"That's something Congress and I will have to work out" Mitt Romney when asked on 60 minutes what tax deductions would he cut.... If Mitt wants to win he needs to be SPECIFIC.......

If he has NOT "thought" of the specifics he should start.... he's gonna get spanked at the debate.

"Leadership is not working with your own party BUT both parties..."  Mitt Romney on 60 minutes

Does Mitt Romney "think" that Congress has been working with the President?

FYI- I did a pulse check and found that moderates believe that the GOP congress might have stopped progress. 

It's possible that the democrats will use that to get MORE seats.

My belief is that Obama spent taxpayer money recklessly. He put too much money into programs that FAILED... like the ELECTRIC CAR.  If that money was spent on research to get viable EV technology I would have been OK with that and so would a lot of other voters.   We want America Energy Independent.  The fact is he gave the money to a FOREIGN company that can't afford to pay it back.  President Obama's administration gave the money to a company that was using "outdated" technology.   

if MITT Romney does NOT use examples like the NISSAN fraud in Obama's shortcomings then he deserves to lose.

Because the ONLY reason Mitt would NOT use the NISSAN example (NISSAN does business in Iran) ... the ONLY reason why Mitt would not use the example is because Mitt is connected to corrupt people connected to NISSAN